A Few Must Have Items for Proper Beard and Hair Maintenance

    Let’s face it. One of the biggest lessons 2020 has taught us is that it’s important to have DIY grooming skills. That means being able to cut and maintain your hair and beard at home; just in case you have to practice social distancing, go into quarantine, or lockdown (again). 

    So, yes. Personal home grooming has become a trend. And while most of us have had an easy time adjusting to the new norms, some are still struggling to get it right; especially when it comes to finding and using the right tools and products. Are you one of them? 

    If so, this post is for you. Here are some essentials that will definitely simplify your grooming process. 

    1. Cutting Tools 

    When it comes to cutting and trimming hair/beards, you have several options; e.g. shaving razors, scissors, trimmers, or hair clippers. So, which one’s the best for you? Well, it depends on your budget, skillset, and preferences. Here’s how these cutting tools differ. 

    Straight Razors

    Razors are quite easy to use, give seamless skin-level cuts, don’t need battery/electrical power, and tend to last longer. However, these tools are most appropriate for people who don’t keep beards; unless you want to use them to create precise, sharp, straight, and clear lines/edges around your beard or hairline. 

    Straight Razor and brush

    Styling Shears/Scissors

    Much like razors, styling shears are also simple yet effective. A pair of scissors is also quite easy to use and maneuver, hence, making it a viable tool for home trimming. However, to use it you need to have tact and patience. Scissors can cut out a large chunk of your hair in an instant and, therefore, require a steady hand for the best results. 

    A Hair Trimmer

    Now, if you are looking for more trimming precision and control, a hair trimmer is exactly what you need. These tools, especially cordless ones, come with a lot of flexibility, convenience, and functionalities; allowing you to make professional-looking DIY trims and hairline designs like a pro.

    Unfortunately, much like razors and scissors, trimmers are limited to the amount of service they offer (in terms of functions and applications). They may work great for beard maintenance but won’t be of much help for home haircutting. 

    A Hair Clipper

    Hair clippers and trimmers not only look the same but also perform similarly. The only difference is that hair clippers are heavy-duty tools that work well for both beard trimming and hair cutting. Plus, it’s a tool that you can use to cut your kids’ hair with. And that’s why you get more value and better service using a hair clipper instead of a trimmer. 

    Note that hair clippers come as either professional or intended for home use. And while any of these two types will get the job done at home, most of the time, buying a professional clipper for DIY cuts is unnecessary and quite costly. 

    Don’t know how to find the best hair clippers for you? Check out this in-depth post to discover the finest of these awesome grooming tools. 

    2. Hair Combing Tools

    Combs and brushes are manly necessities; mainly because they help to straighten out hair easily. Now, I’m sure that everyone reading this has either of these two items or both. Don’t you?

    Anyway, to keep hair from getting tangled and looking unkempt, you need to do occasional combing/brushing. However, here are a few things you should start/stop doing in this regard. 

    For example:

    • Don’t rely on a hairbrush to completely straighten hair. Brushes tend to create an illusion of a properly groomed beard or head. However, these tools don’t do much to remove incessant hair tangles. To be sure, start by combing before brushing. 
    • If your hair or beard has too many (tight) tangles, don’t try to force your comb through it; because that might end up pulling some strands, damaging your hair follicles, and skin. Instead, moisturize or make it wet enough to loosen the tangles before combing. 
    • Lastly, ensure you are using the right comb for your hair type. Understand that different beards require different maintenance routines. Some can be quite demanding while others need light touches every once in a while. 

    3. Hair/Beard Care Products

    Lastly, you need to take precautions when using hair and beard products. Overusing, underusing, or mixing different product brands at the same time can have a negative effect on your grooming and growth efforts. 

    Bear in mind that not all products are often as effective as advertised. Some pomades, shampoos, gels, and conditioners are overhyped by profit-driven brands. And buying these products not only costs you money but also won’t be worth the effort. 

    The bottom line:

    Use quality haircare products to keep you beard and hair well-oiled and moisturized; hence, avoiding dry skin under your beard and unnecessary hair loss

    In Summary

    Hair and beard grooming isn’t exactly rocket science but, it’s not a walk in the park either. With the right skills, tools, and products, any man can ace DIY grooming. However, for the best results, be on the lookout for quality grooming tips on hair and beard product usage online. Good luck!


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