Gyms: The Ultimate Test of a True Gentleman

    Gyms most often do not present codes of conduct to their members, but paragons of real manliness always have an internal set of rules to follow. Remember that a gentleman is something you have to be all the time, even when you enter the fitness arena. Thus, you do not come to peacock around. Instead, you step in, get the job done, and leave without pomp. A gentleman does not act like he is better than everyone else, even if he actually is.

    Do not fall from grace

    You may be getting in touch with your inner beast, but you want to tame it rather than unleash it. Even activities like pumping iron can be performed with a timeless gracefulness. You have to know your limits and push them gradually. It is the flow of the wings not the color of the feathers that captivates viewers. That is not to say you can neglect your appearance.

    In fact, paying close attention to it is one of the golden rules. Therefore, know what essential pieces of equipment you have to bring with you. The typical arsenal usually includes, a re-usable water bottle, quality gym wear, a towel, and wireless headphones. Blend functionality with a swell style and get the best of both worlds.

    Share and care

    A gentleman pays respect to everyone, even to people who are of no service to him. A gym is a community and people who share it are contributing the most to it. So, you cannot employ petty tricks, such as claiming a machine by placing a towel over it. Likewise, refrain from passively-aggressively hovering over people who are in the middle of an exercise.

    A gentleman is a patient wolf: he catches his prey in due time. Furthermore, do not make other people sit in a pool of your own sweat. Wipe the equipment down with your towel or disinfectant wipes. And in case others are not doing the same, try not to lose your cool. Be polite.

    Know the equipment as well as your place. For example, do not perform bicep curls in a power rack. The safety rig is for those who do heavy squats and shoulder presses. Also, for the love of god, avoid dropping weights. This is not only bad for the gym floor, but also potentially dangerous to the people around you. Exceptions to the rule apply during CrossFit and Olympic style lifts.

    Behave yourself


    Like it or not, you have to treat ladies differently at the gym. They are sweaty and probably not in a mood to chit chat. Leave them alone and offer a helping hand only if they ask for it or obviously need it. Stick to brief pleasantries.  After all, a gym is not a bar, so even if you are looking damn good, you are not there to pick up chicks.

    When it comes to the male specimen, be generous, tolerant, and straightforward. Bear in mind that people most likely do not want to hear your advice and tips on sculpting abs. Provide these only in case others approach you and initiate a conversation. In addition, you are allowed to intervene when someone is in serious danger of getting themselves hurt. Otherwise, a gentleman never distracts others.

    He does not use his phone for anything except listening to music. Grunting, screaming, and emitting strange noises is out of the question as well. Hell, even talking is a nuisance, because a gentleman walks his talk. And just like he does not talk about his tailor, he should not brag about his fitness accomplishments. Arrogance and confidence are worlds apart and a gentleman tends to avoid the former like a plague.

    New fitness heights

    Gyms are the ultimate test for a genuine gentleman. He does not let the rush of testosterone or the call of primal power make him forget his good manners. So, respect other people’s space and adhere to workout etiquette. If you mean to hit the gym with the swag of a true gentleman, you must know how to walk, talk, and dress the part. Join the league of extraordinary gentleman and reach your fitness goals with flying colors.


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