10 Popular Men’s Short Hairstyles In 2017

    Short hairstyles are meant to provide the most extravagant look to any man. The short hair styles are in line with the shaved face or subtle sideburns,however; they go well with beards as well. They are trendy, adaptable and indeed very easy to maintain. Here are ten popular mens’ short hairstyles that enable you to attain the ultimate hunky looks in 2017.


    Without a doubt, this is the most famous and extravagant modern short haircut. This cut is for gorgeous young men who want life to be adventurous and very vibrant. Ask the barber to almost shave the sides of the head leaving the hair on the top of the head. Finalise the look by brushing the hair softly to the back of the head.


    fade hairstyle men

    It is a gorgeous temp fade hairstyle that demands care. The sideburns and above the neck area is neatly shaved. The top hair is usually short and set into spikes that smoothly fade into the shaven sides to create a beautiful work of art.

    Side Part

    Side part offers you a shiny, polished, professional and very elegant look. This cut is suitable for professionals and party guys alike. With usually subtle sides and rear, top hairs are combed to either side with a smooth and spendthrift finish.

    Back Combed

    It is more of a hair styling technique than the haircut itself. Your fades and undercut can offer you this stylish and refreshing look by simply backcombing the top hair. Apply some fine hair spray or gel to set the hair. Sideburns are short and elusive to highlight the scalp hair modishness.


    Another very influential and funky short hairstyle, spikes go extraordinarily well with undercuts and even fade. You can get even spikes as well as the front bangs by just applying some gel with your fingers. It is truly ingenious yet very handsome.


    Pompadour is more about volume on the front. It’s semi backcombing aimed to provide fluffy front to the hair. This style is for fearless men with distinguished personalities.


    Unlike pompadour, quiff hairstyle is more about a fluffy appearance with side-combing the top hair evenly. It creates some height from the forehead. Quiff adds volume to your hair and earns you a high esteem.

    Side Swept

    Side swept is another very gorgeous short hairstyle. A slight length is left for the top hairs so that they can be combed to the side in a slick fashion. Sides are subtle or sometimes shaved to highlight the side-swept looks.

    Crew Cut

    The Crew Cut is a very professional and elegant short hairstyle for all the earnest and mature men out there. It doesn’t require any gel as for spikes, side combing or backcombing. Just subtle sides and rear with top hairs combed on sides casually.


    mens messy hair

    Anything tempestuous and free creates an unmatchable impact on the onlookers. The messy hairstyle is meant for some of the most vibrant and cheerfully careless youth. Allow the hair to become thick and give them a trimming with light sides. Throw your combs, gel away and enjoy the messy hairs all along.

    The above mentioned most popular short hairstyles are trendy and can fulfil the fashion and style demands of all the handsome men around. Just choose a style from the list, find a perfect barber and live your style to the fullest.

    This was sent to TheBeardMag by special guest author John Federico.
    John is an avid blogger from Men’s Hairstyles Web, having keen interest in fashion blogging. During free time, he loves to write about men’s fashion and latest hairstyle trends.


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