Examine For Testicular Cancer

    To help raise awareness of men’s testicular cancer, we have teamed up with The Movember Foundation to talk you through your testicles. Movember Foundation is the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health and have raised millions in donation with the goal of reducing the number of mend dying prematurely by 25% before 2030.

    Finding something out of the ordinary in your testicles can be frightening for any man, there is a high chance that it isn’t serious but any lump should always be examined by your GP. Catching this disease early could save your life. Testicular cancer is fast becoming one of the most curable cancers thanks to the efforts of The Movember Foundation and other charitable causes.

    When examining the facts behind diagnosis and prognosis, 99 percent of men who have had localised cancer survive more than 5 years. This rate drops by almost 25% when it has spread to other organs, time waits for no one.

    Let us talk you through your testicles and how you can self examine, this might just save your life –

    Preparing for Self Examination

    There are some medical practitioners who advise men against self examining, they claim that it could add more stress and tension for something that could be completely normal. Your testicular sack includes more than your actual testicles which most men aren’t aware of; your spermatic cord and epididymis will feel strange to someone who has never self examined and could cause unnecessary worry. These have the tendency to feel bumpy and hard which is totally normal, your best bet would be to ask your GP to talk you through your anatomy to increase your self-awareness. Now that you know what you should be looking for, let’s talk you through the self-examination procedure.

    Self Examine your Testicles

    The best place to start when performing a self-examination on your testicles is either in the shower or the bath, the water will help soften and relax your scrotum making it easier to examine your testicles.

    You want to start by gentle squeezing your left testicles through your thumb and fingers, gently rolling it through a medium grip. Repeat this on the right side, making sure that you feel all angles of your testicles. You are on the lookout for anything that seems abnormal; hard lumps, tenderness, rounded bumps or a difference of shape and size. If you find anything irregular or worrying, book in an appointment with your GP for a second opinion.

    The testicles are a very delicate part of the male anatomy and are susceptible to small knocks, pinching and infection. An example might be the feeling of a twisting and burning sensation, this could be a cyst or minor testicular torsion. An inflammation and tenderness in the testes could be Epididymitis, an infection in the tube that carries and stores your semen.

    Not all irregularities mean testicular cancer, it’s about being aware of your body and seeking medical attention where necessary. It is easy to book in an appointment with your GP or drop by your local sexual clinic if you feel anything out of the norm. There is a pretence that men are invincible and it ‘would never happen to me’, let’s change that thought and get men talking about their balls. Be sure to visit The Movember Foundation and show your support for overcoming this man killer.


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