How to Deal with Gynaecomastia?

    Most men are highly self-conscious about their body, which is why they go under rigorous diet programs and training regimens in order to achieve a physique of their dreams. Unfortunately, leading this kind of lifestyle doesn’t necessarily ensure that they will get the look of their dreams. There are some physical anomalies that can disturb the balance of your body and one of them is gynaecomastia. This particular disorder is an enlargement of the male breast tissue and is a cause to a lot of insecurity amongst male population.

    Unintentionally, even the name of the issue is quite insulting since in Greek it indicates that the one in question has female breasts. Still, there are a few things you can do about gynaecomastia and here are some of them.

    Knowing the Cause

    Even though it doesn’t necessarily help you prevent the ailment, knowing the causes of this particular issue may help you understand it better, which is not insignificant. In most cases, gynaecomastia is caused by a disbalance of hormones in one’s body. This means that those going through their puberty are mostly at risk. Furthermore, people who are on steroids are also a risky group but this is quite preventable.

    Now, there are some studies supporting the idea that obesity causes gynaecomastia or at very least contributes to it. Finally, in some rare cases, this problem may be a result of a tumor, which is something that is always worth checking. No matter how inconvenient this disorder is in the first place, it is always much worse to discover that your life is in danger as well.

    Can Training Help?

    The answer to this is quite controversial one. You see, gynaecomastia is a hormonal disorder, which means that problems surrounding it most commonly aren’t caused by your weight issues. Still, some exercises may help make its effects much less visible. Some examples of these are upper chest exercises, like diamond push-ups and low cable flies. On the one hand, this method is cheap and healthy, but there are downsides as well. Sometimes it may take months or even years until you get the results you are after. Moreover, even with all this patience and hard work, your problem will never be completely solved.


    Hormonal Therapy

    As we already mentioned several times, the main cause for gynaecomastia is a low-level of testosterones combined with a high amount of estrogen in your body. This is why some people decide to go with testosterone therapy. Unfortunately, this may lead to some serious side-effects that are much more dangerous than your actual problem. We are talking about increasing your risk of developing a prostate cancer and heart diseases. Therefore, this is best left as a last resort.

    Surgical Treatment

    The most efficient, immediate and hazard free way of dealing with this problem is to undergo a quick surgical procedure. According to Dr Turner – cosmetic surgery clinic from Sydney, the greatest advantage of such a surgery is a fact that it also removes excess skin if present. On the other hand, hormonal treatment would leave this issue unresolved. To make things even better, this also completely solves the problem with discomfort you feel in your chest area, which you can’t achieve by exercising. All in all, this is the only way to leave gynaecomastia behind you for good.


    As you can see, gynaecomastia is not without remedy, still it all depends on how far you are willing to go to get rid of it. While to some it poses a minor aesthetical problem, to others it can become a serious self-confidence issue. To the latter group, no price in either effort or currency is too high to pay in order to triumph over this vicious disorder.



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