Mankind Grooming Box

    As we mentioned in our previous article about Mankind, this unique online destination for men’s grooming prepared an essential grooming for November that every man should consider having. The Mankind Grooming Box contains six great products for skin, hair and teeth which (and we stand by it) should be in every groomed blokes toiletry bag. Here’s the list of products we received and reviewed with pleasure:

    First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

    We’re all about the right face cleanser (we tested many and many failed) and only after one face wash we noticed that this products is a winner. This cleansing face wash is a perfect solution for every man with gentle or irritated skin. It removes all nasty dirt and grime from your face and leaves a smooth and silky feel.

    Kérastase Densique Bain Densité Homme Shampoo

    Hair care don’t care? Well, mate you should! A proper hair shampoo is the base of every men’s daily hair care ,so why need to try this one. We gave a couple of shots to this high-performance daily shampoo and visible changes were noticed. It gave our scalp all the quality and density of hair fibers that was promised. This product a has a great price and it’s worth every penny.

    Bulldog Original Face Scrub

    Scrub that face filth like there’s no tomorrow! With the help of this product you certainly will. Just like with face washes, we also like our scrubs to be on the high pick, too. This product is all about being natural, meaning that it has no artificial colours, fragrances and any similar ingredient that are bad for our skin. Try it at least twice a week and you feel the changes on your skin right away.

    bulldog face scrub

    Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste

    Brighter and healthier teeth? Count us in, immediately! Advanced toothpaste formula contains calcium and sodium phosphate which are the key of rebuilding white enamal on your teeth. After only a couple of washes we noticed some major differences. With a scented mint taste, our teeth got whiter and cleaner in such a short period. Kudos everyone! If you’re a black coffee or tea drinker keep this product in mind.

    TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax


    Are you looking for a natural yet structured look? Off course we found a product in this box. With the right amount of stickiness (which is hard to find in a wax) this styling product has all the texture and sharpness for your look. Perfect for everyday use, we recommend it to all blokes with shorter hairstyle. It will give you that casual look you we’re aiming in hairstyling all the time.

    Men Rock Sandalwood Shave Cream

    A word up to all of our shaving men out there. Since we’re not into shaving, our razor loving friends gave as a little info about this product. With an amazing sandalwood scent, it will give you the all moisturising you were looking in a shaving creme, for sure. It protects the skin during shaving and leaves an effortless and gentle feel on the skin. We guess that’s all you need in a shaving cream, right?

    You can buy a Manking Grooming Box by clicking here, great value at only £25 (worth over £80 if you bought the products seperately).


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