Benefits Of A Cold Shower

    Have you ever gone to have a nice relaxing shower, only to realise that the hot water has been used? Well you will happy to know that there are actually some great health benefits for skipping the heat. Whether you are choosing to take a cold shower or literally have no choice, here are 5 health benefits you should be aware of.

    Fat Burner

    Not only are you cleansing yourself, you can actually burn fat through a cold shower. There are two types of fat in our bodies, white and brown. White fat keeps us warm but when you take a freezing shower, your brown fat is activated which in turn helps burn calories. We can’t promise that you will lose pounds from showering but If you add this to your daily routine, you may start to see slight differences in your fat percentage.

    Hair and Skin

    In our recent articles, you may have read that hot water actually washes away your natural hair and skin oils. A cold shower will make sure that the moisture is locked in, tightening your pores and preventing dirt from entering. It’s great way to finish off your beard or hair washing routine, a short burst of ice-cold water will help rejuvenate its goodness and lock in the freshness.

    Blood Circulation

    Your blood circulation increases when it‘s colder, flowing quicker to your vital organs, helping them operate efficiently. A cold shower will help increase your blood flow and kick-start all of your body into action, improving your blood pressure and immunity levels.


    We need this to live right! Imagine that feeling of jumping into an ice-cold lake or when someone places an ice-cube down your back, it’s that moment when you have to take a deep gasping breath. Deep breathing is a great way to increase your oxygen levels and lower stress levels.


    Next time you are feeling low, just grab an ice-cold shower. The cold water will help improve your mood by attacking the cold receptors in your skin. These impulses will shoot around your body to your nerve endings and produce a natural anti-depressant

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