Find The Perfect Gym Buddy

    There are those that use the gym as a sanctuary to vent anger and frustration, a time to reflect on oneself and push the limits. There are also those who need that extra motivation and encouragement for that last rep or consistent tempo, enter the gym buddy. Oxford university recently published a study which concluded that more friends means less pain, the endorphins released when with a large crowd help block some of the receptors.

    Not only does having a gym partner provide you with an increased chance of improvement, they also help push you to reach your goals. If you are a solo trainer looking for that special someone to workout with, check out our checklist for the perfect gym buddy.


    You need to find someone who can offer stability and reliability, a buddy who won’t bail on you last minute. One of the first things that people tend to ignore with a busy schedule is training and exercise, make sure that you find someone who you can rely on. The easiest way to do this is to get an idea of when you can both train, planning yours sessions accordingly.


    This may sound pretty lame but get to know what you both can and can’t do, perhaps a recurring injury might prevent squats or you struggle with technique on bench? Be honest with one another, remember that it’s not an ego competition.


    You both need to be working towards the same goal, there is no point in one of you looking to lose 10lbs of fat and the other gain 10lbs of muscle. You need to find a similar style of training; you can then push each other to reach your goals.


    The perfect scenario would be to find a gym buddy who is that little bit stronger than you, someone who can really help motivate you to hit that PB. Research has proven that we tend to push ourselves more in situations where we are the weaker individual.


    There shouldn’t an awkward atmosphere, it’s great to both be focused on your training but you need to find someone who can share a joke also.


    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, make sure that you have the basic knowledge of safety, technique and spotting. Get familiar with these areas as you both need to be responsible for one another. There are also some extensive online training libraries for training plans and exercise guides such as and


    1. Thank you for this article on tips and suggestions on how to find the perfect gym buddy to keep you motivated, safe and most importantly focused on your fitness goals. I really do appreciate your posting this.


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