Stylish Winter Coats for 2016

    The nights are drawing in, and there is definitely more of a chill in the air. As Jon Snow would say, ‘winter is coming’. This means that it is time to get ready for the colder months by finding yourself a good winter jacket.

    When it comes to men’s winter coats style matters, but practicality is also important. After all, it is impossible to look good if you are drenched to the skin, or shivering with cold.

    It really is worth spending a bit extra to get your hands on a stylish coat to keep you warm and dry. Fortunately, this year, there are plenty of great looking winter coats available, that are also practical. To give you some ideas of the style that is likely to work best for you we have put together a quick guide.

    Smart overcoats

    For those of you who want a smart look, a short overcoat is the perfect choice. This year, many designers have opted to use blended fabrics that are made from a combination of natural and manmade materials, so you can easily find a good quality overcoat that is not too heavy. These materials are crease-resistant, and will keep you warm, but you may need a brolly if it rains heavily because these fabrics are rarely waterproof.

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    Ultra warm down jackets

    If you are looking for a sure fired way to stay warm in the winter, down filled garments are a fantastic option. In the past, if you wanted a down jacket you would have ended up with a bulky garment. This year, designers have changed their approach a bit, and come up with designs that are thinner than the down jackets you have seen in the past. With these coats, you get the protection from the elements without the bulk. When buying this type of winter coat remember to check the tog value. The higher the tog rating the warmer you will be.The majority of the down heated jackets we have seen are finished in black, but there are a few nice patterned ones available. There is also a good choice of styles available, including some great parka style feather/down filled coats.

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    If you want a classic winter coat that can be used for everything from walking the dog to the commute to work, the iconic parka is a good option. This year, whether you want a traditional mod style fishtail parka, or a mid-length waterproof one, you can easily buy them. If you are not a big fan of the fur lined hood look, do not worry because many designers have dropped the fluffy finish for their 2016 parkas. Others have opted to make the hoods detachable, so there is plenty of choice.

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    Lined jackets

    It is also great to see a range of lined jackets on offer. These winter coats work really well if you want a more rugged, workman like look, but most are not shower proof, so bear this in mind when you buy one.

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    This year, the quality of the jackets we have seen has been generally good. But, you definitely get what you pay for. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your winter coat will actually protect you from the elements is to invest a bit of money, and buy one made from the best materials.


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