7 Ways to Boost a Couple’s Chances of Getting Pregnant

    One of the most exciting and life-changing decisions a couple can make together is the decision to have a baby. For some couples, pregnancy will happen quickly, whereas, for others, there may be issues of infertility with which to contend. The average time frame to fall pregnant is about a year, and bearing that in mind, you’ll want to do all you can to boost your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Infertility shouldn’t bury your dreams of having children. If you are struggling to conceive, you can opt for alternatives such as home insemination, IUI, surrogacy, and even use donor eggs. Additionally, you can follow the tips below to help you increase your chances of getting pregnant.


    Take a look at your lifestyle and identify if there are any improvements that you could make together. Cutting down on processed food and eating more whole foods and foods high in zinc will improve overall health and improve both male and female fertility. 

    Exercise will also improve both overall health and reproductive health, especially as people with obesity tend to have higher levels of infertility than those who are a healthy weight. Exercise increases testosterone production in men, which is vital for healthy sperm production.


    Taking fertility boosting supplements can help you take vitamins that you are struggling to get via your diet. For men, Semenax will increase sperm count and vitality, while for women, Co-enzyme Q10 is excellent for preserving the quality of eggs. 


    Life can be stressful, and it’s not always possible to cut out sources of stress; however, cutting down on it as much as possible will cut down on the harmful cortisol levels in your body and make pregnancy easier to achieve. Exercise is a brilliant stress reliever, as is mindfulness and meditation, both of which can be done anywhere, almost anytime. So be sure to take 10 minutes for yourself each day to unwind and clear your head.

    Boost Chance Pregnant

    Track ovulation

    Tracking ovulation and mapping out when the women’s fertile days are each month allows a couple to concentrate on when they are going to be most effective. There are several ways to do this, including tracking basal temperature first thing in the morning or using ovulation strips to track the rise in hormones at ovulation. The fertile window is approximately five days before ovulation until the day after, so learning when to predict this window is beneficial. 

    Do the deed

    Whether you decide to track ovulation or not, having regular sex every few days throughout the month will naturally increase your chances of falling pregnant. Try to be relaxed about it though, putting too much pressure on yourselves will raise the stress hormone cortisol and put unnecessary pressure on you as a couple. Sex should be fun and loving; if it’s becoming a chore, chill out and have a rest for a bit.

    Quit Smoking

    It’s well known that smoking causes all sorts of health problems, and fertility issues are included in that list, from reduced sperm production in men to blocked fallopian tubes in women and, on both sides, an increased risk of miscarriage. The bonus of giving up smoking is that you’ll have extra money to spend on your lovely baby once you’ve achieved your aim of becoming parents.


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