7 Online Dating Profile Red Flags

    Dating sites are now the preferred way for singles to find their soul mate. Unfortunately, “love scammers” got it right, and fake profiles are on the rise online. Whether they aim to sentimentally deceive or financially rip off internet users in need of love, the consequences are never trivial for their victims.

    If one way to avoid these scams is to register on a paid dating site, which makes it easier to weed out false profiles, not all singles necessarily have the means and the inclination to pay money to meet sober people. Learn how to spot fake profiles to find real Ukrainian girls online.

    They Are Too Pretty to be Single

    When you’re on a dating site, the first thing you look at is the profile picture of registered singles. So if you find yourself in front of a beautiful person, even if the photo is of professional quality, you may have some doubts about the reliability of their profile. However, to clear up the mystery, take a look at her entire face. See if you see multiple photos of them in casual outfits like jogging (and not just with nude body parts). This could indicate that this is a real profile then.

    Stock Photos

    To find out the authenticity of someone’s photographs, you can even check them via Google images. If the profile picture is present in their database, this person is trying to fool you. The search engine will then indicate to you the other sites on which this photo may have been published.

    Refusing to Chat via a Videocall

    Ideally, when you’re not sure you’re facing the real single person, you should offer a webcam chat. All your doubts will be removed if you find yourself facing this person through interposed screens. On the other hand, if the person refuses to make a call, this is suspicious. They may be catfishing and using fake photos, or complete another person, of a different age or gender, can sit on the other side of the screen.

    Man sitting at computer and desk

    You Cannot Find Them on any Social Network

    Likewise, you can ask for the phone number or a nickname of a person. On Facebook to view additional information about them. In case of refusal, you probably face fake profiles (or a person who does not want to reveal themselves too quickly, let’s not be too suspicious).

    Nothing Beats a Well-Conducted Conversation

    Finally, one way to unmask a fake profile on a dating site is through discussion with the person. If this one is poor enough, it is either a single woman with whom you have a little affinity or looking for casual dating without in-depth talks.

    They Wish to Switch the Platform

    If the person asks you directly to converse via another platform. Or if the spelling leaves much to be desired, run away! It is probably a person based abroad. And who could, after several messages, will ask you for sums of money, with some more bizarre arguments.

    A Blank Profile

    One of the most apparent signs of a fake is the poorly filled profile. A user who hides personal data is either a scammer or a freak. Do you need either?


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