6 Exercises You Can Do at Home to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body. It is a muscle that literally does not stop working, not even for a little break from the day you were born. That is why taking care of that muscle is absolutely essential. And just like any other muscle in the human body, the heart becomes healthier and fitter with regular exercise at home.

    There are a number of simple aerobic exercises that one can do from the comfort of their own home to maintain a healthy and active heart. 

    Stationary biking

    Exercising by riding a bike is incredibly healthy for your heart and is pretty simple to do at almost all ages. What’s even better is that there are now stationary bikes that you can install in your home so you can bike all you want from the comfort and safety of your place.

    According to, there are plenty of stationary bike types for people to choose from that can make the purchasing decision a little tedious. It’s important to read reviews or comparisons to know more before picking one. The types of bikes vary according to speeds and sizes to fit each individual’s needs.

    The great thing is, they are not so expensive and are a good way to get the daily exercise quota that will keep your heart healthy while enjoying your time in your preferred room at home. 

    Crab walking

    The name of this exercise literally defines how it can be done. Individuals would lie down with their backs to the floor, then slowly lift up their knees and shoulders while doing a little crab-like walk.

    It’s a fun exercise that is simple to get the hang of and will get all the energy and blood running in your body. Try doing that fun walk for longer periods every time to exercise your heart on handling more workout each time and getting fitter. 

    Jumping jacks

    This classic heart rate-raising workout is a great way to exercise your full body all at once. By jumping up and down while simultaneously moving your arms, almost every muscle in your body is moving with you. You’ll quickly feel all the blood flowing and the heart rate skyrocketing which is how you know your heart is getting healthier by the second. 

    Jumping rope

    This workout is not only good for your heart’s health and overall wellbeing, but it is also an enjoyable exercise that you can do while listening to some music or chanting to yourself. All you need is a sports rope and a bit of space in your home and you are good to go.

    Once you get the hang of it, you can try mixing up the jumping moves and adding a bit more time to the workout as you see fit. You’ll find yourself burning calories really quickly with this exercise and that your energy levels are getting higher, which is always a good sign for a healthy heart. 

    Squat jumps

    Squatting is an extremely popular workout among the seekers of toned legs and lower muscle strength. Adding the jumps to the squats converts this workout into a cardio exercise that your heart could benefit from.

    You’ll end up working out almost all the muscles in your body at once and the good results of this exercise won’t just appear on your fit, toned body shortly, but you’ll also feel a lot more energetic and full of life thanks to your heart getting healthier and fitter. 

    Lifting small weights

    It might not seem like it at first, but doing some small weightlifting at home can go a long way in maintaining your heart’s good health. It’s an easy, achievable exercise that almost anyone can do with different weights at home.

    This can be beneficial, not just for your heart, but for other muscles like your arm and leg muscles as well as your abs and glutes. Investing in small weights that can be used at home is not too expensive and will go a long way in giving you better health and fitness in the long run.

    It is undeniable that regular exercise is good for one’s health. And when it comes to the heart’s health, a daily workout is incredibly essential. The good thing is, you do not necessarily need to go to an expensive gym or work with trainers if your budget does not allow it.

    You can always do some simple exercises from the comfort of your own home that will prove just as effective as any other form of exercising in the gym if done regularly and correctly. You can add some fun elements like music and bright lights to make your daily workout enjoyable as well as beneficial.


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