Tips to Safely Travel Around the World With Your Van

    There are over a million reasons one would want to travel the world. Most people quit their jobs or take long vacations, and head out into the open spaces. It may be for the thrill, fun, adventure, or to find purpose.

    A lot of satisfaction comes with meeting new faces wherever you go, traveling to distant places that no one in your line of work has ever aspired to travel, and enjoying the beauty of nature from different parts of the world. Most people will decide to do this in a metallic mobile box. 

    Vans offer a great means of transportation when touring the world, especially if you have one that doubles up as your living quarters. But then again, no tour would be worth embarking on if it jeopardizes your safety and wellness, no matter how much fun and adventure is involved. If traveling to different parts of the world is your dream or passion, this article is definitely meant for you. 

    Here are some tips to safely tour the world with your van.

    1. Insure your van

    Before you hit the road, it’s imperative to pick the best insurance policy for your van. Van insurance is a type of insurance that works the same way car insurance does, but given the versatility and modifications commonly found on vans, you may need a specific kind of cover. This is especially true if you’re traversing through major boundaries.

    Now, if you’re using your van to tour the world, it will be your temporary home for the next few weeks or months. This means it will contain your basic kitchen accessories, bedding, and bathroom features.

    Modern vans are more than your ordinary functional vans, they are more cosmetic and will accommodate all your essential needs while on the road. You, therefore, need the type of policy that is best suited for such a van.

    According to the Money Experts, this type of van insurance is known as modified van insurance, which covers the vehicle as well as the “household” possessions inside particularly against theft and vandalism as well as fires. Different van insurance companies may have different coverage limits and policy specifics, so you’ll want to shop around to pick the best policy for your needs. 

    When you approach your insurer, they may need to know the modifications done in and on your van. These modifications may include:

    • Hand controlled features
    • Racks and extra storage compartments
    • Refrigeration
    • Lifting equipment and wheelchair lifts
    • Beds
    • Additional power supplies

    2. Ensure that your mobile home is warm and cozy

    Some parts of the world are colder than others. If you’re therefore considering to spend a considerable amount of time in your van, then it’s important to prepare for the worst. Insulating the interior of your van with a reflective bubble wrap will not only help you beat the heat in the warmer months, but it will also protect you from the cold. You might as well install an HVAC system but with this, you might need an extra source of power supply.

    3. Pack your cooking essentials

    To avoid the expenses of dining in restaurants and buying food, pack your food. If you have a refrigerator, then you can pack foods that go bad easily and still get to enjoy them. Snacks are also a great addition to your list as they’ll provide you with the energy you need to keep going. Ideally, it’s also important to keep fit while on the go. This means being selective with what you eat and finding time to exercise even while on the go.

    4. Cleaning up

    You don’t want your van to stink like a pig sty while on the road. This means emptying your trash in the designated areas and ensuring that the waste from your bathroom is disposed of properly. Having a few deodorizers and air fresheners will help to keep your van smelling fresh and clean.

    If you go through a city, it might be a good idea to take your van for a car wash to remove the extra dust and mud. Now, you also need to check your own hygiene. If you don’t have one of those portable camper bathrooms, you can also make use of Airbnbs, gyms, and swimming pools. These are great spots to get yourself cleaned up and looking good.

    5. Find a touring buddy

    Driving alone for many hours can be boring. Having someone to talk to will help to kill the boredom. In addition to this, it’s safer this way than when alone. You can never be too careful, especially when driving in the dark and in foreign countries. Having a pet tag along can make your traveling experience much more enjoyable. If you do decide to take your pet, we suggest you purchase reliable pet insurance from Bivvy. This will keep your best friend protected in case of an emergency or accident.

    Finally, you’ll also be safer investing in a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and a secure place inside the van to keep your valuables. Also, do not forget to carry your important documents. This may include your ID, passport, and insurance details.

    Additionally, carry your medication if you’re taking any. A few things to also include in your list can include a camera, maps, entertainment tools, and books. There will be stores along the way where you can get additional stuff. The idea is to pack light and to have fun as much as possible. Finally if you are looking for a more romantic holiday check out our other blog here!


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