5 Sex Toys Presents to Give, Receive, or Use Together

    Pleasure is the best gift one can receive, and the same applies to giving! If your partner seems to be positive-minded towards experimenting in bed. Then introducing sex toys to your intimate relationships seems like an excellent idea. But you aren’t sure how to start this conversation – why not pick a gift that will say everything?

    Sex toys are perfect gifts not only for couples, so do not neglect the idea of getting them to your friends. Those you know for sure are interested in diversifying their sex life and trying something new (techniques as well as products). Some of them would really appreciate such a gift, as sometimes, even if you are curious, you just cannot get your hands on it. Consider the idea of presenting sex gifts for weddings, as they can be a thoughtful and unique way to support the newlyweds in exploring intimacy and enhancing their connection beyond the traditional wedding gifts.

    Instead of going ahead and picking your friend or partner something extraordinary. You may want to focus on manual items that will be a pleasant addition to the process. You can order sex toys online and get the delivery right at their doors to double the surprise!

    Glass Massager

    Let’s just say it: glass dildos are beautiful (and durable), and due to their aesthetic values, there is a high possibility that the receiver of the gift will not even hide it from their bedside table. The absence of vibration allows one to focus on subtle sensations. And make masturbation a meditative practice, the purpose of which is not to get orgasm quickly but to explore yourself.

    Another advantage of glass toys over vibrating ones is that you can use both ends. That usually have different textures and shapes. The thinner end is perfect for the first experiments, self-massage, and yoni mapping. The thickened end is your tool for awakening the G-spot, exploring new sexual techniques and body sensations.

    Bullet Vibrator

    Not all the toys necessarily need to be phallic-shaped. And in fact, the most convenient to use together are those of ergonomic shape. Some of them may mirror the body’s outlines. And some do not even look like a sex toy (are you sure that your friend was wearing a necklace that night?) – that makes them perfect for clitoral stimulation.

    In most sex positions, these toys, due to their shape, can literally be hidden in the palm of your or your partner’s hand. And can be as unnoticeable as possible. This toy is also useful during foreplay: you can start with a massage and, for example, work on the muscles of the back or thighs using one of the active vibration modes.

    Sex Toy in hand


    This one is probably one of the safest options. As bondages are indeed capable of adding some arousal and stimulation during the process and bringing additional intrigue and temptation, while at the same time are not that confusing.

    This category covers many different products from ropes to handcuffs, from blindfolds to play restraints, paddles, and slappers – the list goes on. It allows you to pick something simple to start with. And then either gradually add another product or switch to another category if this one does not work for you.


    Who said books are the best gifts? Jokes aside, but lube is indeed one of the universal presents. (For friends who are close to you – let’s not forget about personal boundaries). First of all, there is no such thing as too much lubricant. And second of all – they tend to run out, sometimes in the most inappropriate moment.

    When choosing one, it is better to emphasize the universality of its use rather than cooling or warming effects and its flavor. Oil-based products are not suitable for latex condoms. And silicone-based ones can harm a silicone sex toy, so the wisest and safest choice will be water-based lubricants.

    Play Kit

    Those are first aid kits, but for sexual edition. Meaning, they will provide all the essential things for any occasion from your first wedding night to a weekend getaway together. Usually, night kits consist of necessary items like condoms, lube, massage lotions, and other toys to play together – vibrators, plugs, penis rings, or vaginal balls.

    Ordering one does not mean you need to use all of the toys offered. But as their range is so broad, you can be sure you will find the one that meets your needs (or just one). Some retailers even offer to prepare a personal toy kit, based on your requirements!


    There is no need to stick to Womanizer and Satisfier only when there are so many different toys for various purposes! Looking at some categories, you may already know what suits you. Or which of them are your sex toy gifts to choose from, or you likewise may have no clue whether you are going to like them or not. Both cases are normal.

    Introducing toys to your sex life is always intimidating. But you do not want to feel pressure here – at least not mentally. Do not force yourself to dive into a brave new world of sexual experiments if you do not feel like it. You can always start with something small and easy and concentrate on your feelings.

    It is also the best tip for choosing one for your partner or friends. Think about their preferences, or simply ask them! Remember, the goal is to enjoy yourself as well as your partner. And choose a toy that will help you do so.

    Lisa Hunchenko has her master’s degree in Management and Social Communication, but interpersonal relationships fascinate her the most. She believes that empathy towards others opens up a new depth in relationships. Besides psychology, you will also find nutrition, mindfulness, and writing in her field of interest.


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