5 Health Side Effects of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

    As adults, we all spend about four to ten hours every day on our mattress. However, most of us are inconsiderate of the quality of our mattress and how it affects our overall lifestyles. Many do not change their mattresses unless they don’t notice a popped-out string or visible lumpiness. 

    But imagine this—the fact that we’re spending our time on our mattresses while unconscious, doesn’t make it any less important than the upholstery/furniture we spend on daytime wide awake! Some studies confirm the fact that the quality of our sleep depends on the quality of your mattress. 

    There are many health side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress which we are going to discuss here. But don’t worry! If you live in India, you can click here to find the right mattress that provides you adequate firmness, high-quality materials, lots of comfort, and is suitable for your sleeping position! 

    1. Allergies

    Studies have shown that a single bed can carry more than 10 million dust mites. No kidding. Even when you don’t see them, they’re right there! Lurking around your sleeping area, and that’s just gross. Dust mites have been known to multiply quickly, and your bed can eventually become a nest for them, and their mite faeces. If you suffer from any skin conditions, respiratory problems, rashes, or even difficulty in breathing—then this could be the doing of the dust mites and bed bugs lingering on your bed. 

    A very renowned hygiene expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley has repeatedly mentioned the presence of dust mites that create a condition called “sickbed syndrome”. Guess what this syndrome does? It refers to all the sickness and diseases contracted through bed bugs and their faecal matter. These diseases can be manifested in different forms, including respiratory problems like coughing and cold. 

    A bad, lousy mattress can increase your possibility of attracting and increasing allergies. Switching to a more natural and safe mattress, the likes of high-quality natural latex, created a peaceful and allergen-free haven for you to sleep in

    2. Body Ache

    Which is the most common complaint by people during sleep? Body ache! Many people think it is because of the position they sleep on, which can be accurate, but it’s also the mattress you sleep on. Once your mattress has passed its prime years, it starts to indefinitely sag, especially in the middle area (which is the most vulnerable part of your body). 

    Aged mattresses seem to develop a curved look when they start wearing out, especially in the middle part. This makes your sleeping position a little more awkward and a lot less comfortable. All of this boils down to body ache and a lot of it. Many spine experts have stated that sleeping in a position where your back is not adequately supported (curved), is not less strainful than sleeping in a hole. If you feel any discomfort in your spine and the pain doesn’t go away even after changing the mattress you should immediately consult an experienced spine specialist who can help you. 

    Many Chiropractors suggest that old mattresses are the reason for horrible body pain, especially back pain. In order to not strain your back and your overall well-being, you should soon opt for a mattress that provides firmness according to your body shape, size, and requirement. We always recommend a medium-firmness over anything else, to help you wake up re-energized. Also, check out what type of mattress is best for back pain before you go shopping. 

    3. Insomnia/Sleep Issues

    Not only will a bad mattress cause you back pains and aggravate your allergies, but it can also push you to sleep problems like Insomnia. We have already established that a bad mattress can create feelings of discomfort when you’re sleeping. However, have you ever woken up after an 8-hour sleep, only to feel tired and unwilling to carry on the day? This tells us that sleep quality is more important than the number of hours. 

    One of the leading killers of sleep quality is terrible mattresses. While you would think a night or two with tossing and turning isn’t going to kill you, it will kill your immune system. However, more chronic sleep-related problems like sleep deprivation and Insomnia can create serious health complications for you. 

    Don’t let an uncomfortable or subpar quality mattress ruin the respiration process of your mind and body at night. Switch to a better solution to help restore and recharge your body after an entire day of exhaustive work, and spare yourself the unwanted drowsiness and irritation the next day. 

    4. Hygiene Problems

    It is noted that while we sleep during the night, our bodies tend to lose about a cup of water. Can you guess where this water goes? It pierces through your sheets and goes right into your mattress. This creates a very favourable environment for mildew, bacteria, and mould to thrive, creating many health risks for you. 

    In the case when you’re not only sleeping on a worn-out and lousy mattress, but you’re also not using sheet protectors, your mattress could be breeding not just mites but also moulds and bacteria. Whenever you sleep on this mattress, you could be inhaling many respiratory problems. 

    You can change or prevent this from happening by not only switching to a more water-resistant new mattress to deal with it. 

    5. Increased Stress Levels

    Multiple factors can cause stress. These factors can range from job problems to environmental factors. However, there have been substantial studies that connect the lack of adequate sleep with increased stress levels. 

    One of these studies included asking subjects to sleep on their old mattress for a month, and then switch to a new mattress, and compare the outcomes. The results were quite visible! The cortisol or stress hormone in many subjects declined after the second month.

    If you find yourself being anxious, agitated, or stressed in general lately, then you should consider switching your old mattress to a new one.  


    Sleeping overnight on bad mattresses can have multiple side effects on your overall health and well-being. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, or suffer from a bad case of snoring or sleep apnea—switch to a good mattress. 


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