A Bachelor’s Guide to Brewing Coffee at Home

    The last thing anybody should settle for is paying several dollars for each cup of coffee they drink. Yet millions do this every single day; the average young (25-44) coffee drinker spends between $1,000 and $2,000 per year on coffee, and that’s before splurging on an expensive high end coffee machine. This statistic seems incredible, yet not too surprising to those who know the true cost of coffee from shops and cafes.

    Ultimately, there is little need for such extravagant expenditures – if you know how to brew coffee yourself. Given that younger people, in particular, are spending so much on coffee, it stands to reason that many bachelors are losing out on potential savings simply because they’re not aware of how to brew their own coffee.

    To rectify this issue, let’s look at how bachelors can take control of their beverages and their finances by brewing coffee at home.

    1. Selecting the Right Coffee

    The first step in making great coffee at home is determining what flavors and tastes you prefer. There is a litany of different coffee flavor profiles, each of which is made possible by specific variations of coffee beans.

    Some people prefer earthy flavors while others like something a bit more fruity. According to The Better Sip, it is highly recommended that you first sample a variety of coffee beans and/or coffees brewed from these beans, as this will point you in the right direction.

    man holding packet of coffee beans
    Hawaii, Tanzania and Jamaica are amongst the top countries in the world who produce coffee beans

    For those who prefer not to go through the process of creating their own coffee from beans, choosing a more direct approach – by purchasing already-ground coffee – is also possible. There are many unique varieties, both inspired by individual coffee beans and by mixtures of various beans. Finding a recommendation is often as easy as asking a coffee expert at your local coffee shop.

    2. Storing Beans and/or Grounds Properly

    Once you’ve made the right choice for your particular tastes, the next step – a fairly simple one – is to store the coffee properly. Remember that every type of coffee has a shelf date, largely determined by when it was ground. If you’re grinding your own beans, then you have more flexibility time-wise.

    The best way to store coffee is to use airtight coffee containers that are either dark or stored in a dark space. In general, avoiding any drastic temperatures (whether hot or cold) will preserve the flavor for a longer period of time; room temperature generally is the best for long-term storage.

    3. Investing in the Right Equipment

    Just as important as the coffee you select is the equipment you use to brew that coffee. There are many unique options available: traditional drip brewers, percolators, espresso makers, and single serve coffee makers are just a few of the options.

    For those in the mood for a more traditional brew, percolators and drip brewers are solid options. They are cheap, easy to use, and maintain the flavor profile of any coffee beans or grounds used.

    There are also options such as a Nespresso coffee maker, which use a variety of different pre-assembled coffee pods to seamlessly create cups of coffee (for those interested in this type of machine, there are alternative pods available; they are Nespresso compatible but cost less).

    4. Accessorizing Your Coffee Experience

    Depending on your exact bachelor coffee brewing experience, a variety of accessories may be needed. Grinders are great for processing and grinding your own coffee beans if you choose to take such a route. Scales are very useful in measuring out exactly the right amount of coffee grounds.

    home coffee brewing accessories
    There are endless possibilities when it comes to home coffee brewing accessories, it all depends on the type of coffee that you enjoy

    Thermometers and timers are paramount in ensuring that the right water temperature is achieved for your particular brew of coffee and that the coffee is brewed for an ideal amount of time.

    hermometers and timers are paramount in ensuring that the right water temperature is achieved for your particular brew of coffee and that the coffee is brewed for an ideal amount of time.

    Ultimately, the coffee brewing experience can be as complex or as simple as you like – but a few accessories for the perfect brewing experience are almost always necessary.

    As with any craft, a certain amount of trial, error, and experimentation is necessary to perfect the process. Nevertheless, even the most single of bachelors can move beyond paying for overpriced coffee and take pride in creating their own expert brews from home.


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