Creating an Outdoor Event to Watch the Big Games this Summer

    With summer just around the corner, many people will be thinking about hosting some sort of outdoor garden event for friends and family. There are various events that people host such as garden parties, barbeques, outdoor buffets, cocktails parties, and more.

    For those who love to watch live sporting events online, one event you could organize is an outdoor garden event with a big screen and projector so you can stream the event and enjoy soaking up the sunshine as you watch it with your friends.

    Many people head to bars and other venues to watch live sports events on the big screen, but then you have to deal with long queues at the bar or for the bathroom as well as the noise and stress of being in a crowded environment.

    By hosting your own party outdoors, you can look forward to a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere with just you and your friends or family enjoying the event. In this article, we will look at some of points of consideration if you want to plan this type of summer event.

    Some Tips and Tricks to Help

    By planning your even well ahead of time, you can ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


    You may want to start by ordering a projector and screen if you do not already have one or you may prefer to have the big screen TV outside and plugged into an extension.

    You can get some great deals on projectors and screens these days, which means you can look forward to an authentic big screen sports event experience in your very own home.


    You will also need to think about the drinks you serve up at your event. Of course, plenty of canned or bottled beers is ideal for this sort of event. However, you can also create some great cocktails so your guests can enjoy refreshing unique drinks. Or you can go a step further and get a margarita mix that will impress your friends

    man holding a beer at outdoor event

    You can easily go online to look up recipes such as a pina colada recipe. You can then look forward to treating your guests to a range of delicious summer cocktails in addition to chilled beers. Make sure you also look up alcohol-free cocktail recipes too for those who are driving or do not drink.


    If you want to serve up food, there are plenty of options you can choose from. One option is to have a BBQ, but this would involved you or a designated person doing all the cooking rather than watching the game. Keep in mind as well that you should have enough storage space for grill utensils. It will ensure you have everything you need for a successful BBQ – freeing you to enjoy the game.

    A more convenient option may be to have a finger buffet as this can be prepared in advance and offers total simplicity and convenient. Alternatively, you may even want to order in pizzas and save yourself the task of making food. Not sure how much pizza to order for your guests? Get help from!

    With this sort of event, you can look forward to getting together with your friends and family to enjoy your favorite games while also soaking up the sunshine and great summer atmosphere. All you need to do is plan ahead. If you are looking to host an outdoor barbecue, we have a great article on the perfect setup.


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