Why Real Men Wear Cowboy Boots

    When it comes to fashion and function, cowboy boots have become an essential statement piece to men. After all, these re-emerging fashionable shoes are more than just boots.  They’re a piece of footwear that shows off the rich history of working cowboys way back in the years gone by.

    Real hunters spend big money on cowboy boots, it contributes to the American economy is a sign of status. So, if you want to add cowboy boots into your fashion style you can get it on froutlet, here’s a few reasons why you should do this:

    1. They Are Rich In History

    With years of evolution, no question that cowboy boots aren’t just an attention-grabbing statement piece for real men.

    They have a fascinating history, especially at the time where horses are the only means of transportation. Back then, they’re created for a specific purpose such as to protect horsemen while riding their horses.

    Being designed for protection many years ago, deciding to wear a pair of cowboy boots means you’re showing appreciation and respect for the shoe’s living history.

    2. They Give You A Better Sense Of Style

    It’s clear that fashion can be a challenging thing. In most cases, people these days go for fashion trends which are hot at the moment. However, if you want to stand out from the rest, wearing a pair of cowboy boots can be a good idea. Given its historical background, only those men with a distinct fashion style can wear these with their heads held high.

    Another thing that makes this footwear interesting is its ability to be paired up with simple clothing. In reality, cowboy boots are somewhat tricky to pair with regular clothing. In other words, wearing them may have to depend on the place or occasion. These boots go better with a traditional style of hats, jeans, and 1911 shoulder holsters. With all these circumstances, no doubt that this classic footwear piece is only for men who aren’t afraid to show their personal sense of style.

    Did you know that a custom pair of cowboy boots will set you back at least $1500, it all depends on the style, material and design

    So, if you think of buying yourself a pair of hand-made, high-quality cowboy boots, it’s time to find the right product supplier for the piece of your choice.

    3. Show Confidence

    To make it simple – cowboy boots are famous for being an attention-catching accessory. With several materials, colors, and finishes to choose from, they’re far from being a simple footwear.

    That said, men who want to wear a pair of boots should have the right amount of confidence in them. For instance, you can only pull it off if you’re wearing stylish pieces from the best online clothing stores for men. If you’re the kind of man who is conscious about how you look, then wearing these types of shoes can be the perfect way to bring out the confidence in you.  

    Always keep in mind that being able to wear them with confidence will have people around you talking. Jump over to our other article on gaining confidence with writing to find out more.

    4. Draw Attention

    Cowboy boots aren’t the usual type of footwear that you can see in most men. Because of their intricate designs and details, only a few love to have this piece included in their get-up. Thus, if you’re able to wear a pair with confidence, it means you have the ability to draw some attention from the crowd.

    Cowboy boots are built to last, a high quality pair should see you through at least 10 years of wear

    5. Demonstrate Hard Work and Safety

    These boots are also created for the function. They’re worn for a specific purpose – and that’s to help you sustain a long day of working on a ranch or other difficult tasks.

    Moreover, wearing cowboy boots at work demonstrates that you’re hardworking and ready to work at maximum productivity. In reality, not all men wear boots because of fashion limitations, some find this kind of footwear a preferable choice at work.

    Additionally, a well-worn pair means that you put a lot of time to ensure your safety while working. If you love yourself and the people around you, you’ll make every effort to protect your feet from danger. Doing so only signifies that you’re courageous enough to wear cowboy boots while keeping yourself safe.


    Men who can wear cowboy boots despite the circumstances and fashion restrictions are worthy of appreciation and respect. By dressing up with their boots, they’re not only bringing back the history, but they’re also making a significant impact on today’s fashion industry.

    If you’re a real man, keep this article in mind and get your own pair of cowboy boots.



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