Why Everyman Should Own A Filippo Loreti Watch

    While Filippo Loreti creates impeccable timepieces suitable for any gender, they have a special place in our hearts when it comes to creating the right watch for our male clientele.

    From classic, timeless pieces that will age beautifully for decades to come, to fun, modern choices that will make a statement with your favorite outfits, they have the right choice that will suit your tastes and your budget. In fact, most of our timepieces are listed at under $200, making them reasonably priced for any budget.

    So, why invest in a fashion-forward timepiece and what options do Filippo Loreti have that you’ll love? Find out below!

    Why Choose Something Trendy?

    When you look your best, you feel your best – and sometimes that means wearing something timely that helps you stand out. While trends change over time, wearing something stylish will help you emulate the style of people you love.

    Whether you are headed to an important interview, happy hour with friends or are simply spending a night in with family, that on-point timepiece will be the talk of the town. 

    There are also many important psychological benefits of dressing stylishly. Did you know that what you wear can actually change the way that people consume your message when you speak with them?

    Research shows that people are taken more seriously when effort is put into their outfits. Also, those that are attractive or dressed well are also shown to make more money throughout their lifetime.

    While it’s not always as easy to change your looks, simple swaps in your wardrobe can change the way you are perceived – and everyone wants to make a good first impression.

    Filippo Loreti Stylish Watches For Men

    Filippo Loreti thoughtfully creates impeccable timepieces that make luxury an accessible part of everyday life. While a beautifully constructed timepiece used to be only for those in a certain income bracket, they’ve found a way to make them within reach of the average man.

    Through bypassing the usual sales and marketing channels, building direct relationships with talented manufacturers and designing products in-house, they’ve made it possible to deliver unforgettable products, like those below, to you. With Italian style and craftsmanship in mind, you’ll be able to easily recognize the Filippo Loreti difference. Now, are you ready to shop fashionable men’s watches?

    1. Oceans Green Steel Link

    If you are looking for a piece that can go from sporty to sophisticated with one outfit change, this is it. Okeanos Green Steel Link was created to be fashion-forward, yet practical and versatile enough to take you from day to night with ease. It’s all in the details with this water-resistant piece, with luminescent hands and hour marks and artful engraving.

    2. Venice Moonphase Watches

    Our products are known for design and reliability – and this piece is no exception. Venice Moonphase watch is a bright, exceptional timepiece guaranteed to stand out. And while modern, it will also stand the test of time.

    Inspired by St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, its timeless silhouette houses unique architectural artwork, a moonphase complication for sophisticated, decorative touch and sapphire crystal that will protect it for years to come. When in doubt, always choose Venice Moonphase watches.

    3. Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link

    If your style suits both silver and gold, our Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link might be the best choice for you. This timepiece has been constructed with classic lines that merge timeless and modern all-in-one beautiful pieces.

    Often known as our most complex watch, its hybrid movement is a combination of both the accuracy of quartz with the classic chronograph look. Not to mention, the impeccable detail of the piece’s artwork is reminiscent of famous racecar driver, Alberto Ascari. This timepiece is simply a must-see!

    4. Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber

    This best-seller will make the wearer the talk-of-the-town, and for good reason. Its midnight blue color speaks volumes about its bold buyer, making a statement even before you say anything yourself. A variation of the classic Ascari design, our Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber offers the same eye-catching curves and calculated precision, with a fun and colorful twist.

    What Next?

    Filippo Loreti’s fashionable timepieces will age beautifully, acting as a memorable investment that can be passed on from generation-to-generation. While style comes and goes, they incorporate fun and timely colors into classic watches for men that will last forever.

    And at a price point for watches under $200 per piece, it’s easy enough to mix and match various Filippo Loreti timepieces into your wardrobe, without breaking the budget. If your looking for similar watches we can recommend Rolex Yacht Master watches. With the same sleek style and range this could be another choice for you.

    Their goal has always been to disrupt the industry by offering designer accessories at an incredible price point – and theyr’re doing it in a way that offers the perfect product to our customers. We hope to see you rocking a Filippo Loreti timepiece soon!


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