Top Three Gift Ideas for College Guys

    They say college is the best four years (or five, or six, or maybe even more) of your life. Regardless of how long you take to finish your tertiary studies, college is the final step before you enter your professional adult life. 

    In college, you will meet new people from a wider background than you were exposed to back in high school. You will meet single people, couples, single parents, and even seniors who never give up. And if your school is big enough, you might even meet students from countries around the world. 

    Even with all the fun there, college life can still be quite stressful for most people since it requires an intense leap both intellectually and emotionally. Lucky are those who can still find time to pursue their hobbies and interests. By the way, essay writing services can always free up time for your needs!
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    Given these, it is always nice to support your friends with things that help create wonderful memories of college. Here are three gift items that college students will surely appreciate.

    A Good Book

    We couldn’t think of anything more subtle than The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. When in college, we are bombarded with a ton of opportunities and chances. More often than not, we find ourselves signing up to every single one of them. 

    If the recipient of your gift is living on their own, then this book will definitely reinforce their fortress of calming solitude. Its pages will help them recognize the things that matter and the things that matter less and therefore can be discarded. With the free time that not giving a hoot affords, they can definitely pursue something far more worthwhile. 


    In college, we are not just improving our mental capacities but our physical capacities as well. Trust us, suffering from burnout is so much more likely when we are not physically fit. And this holds true regardless of whether you are enrolled in the UC-Berkeley, NYU, or the American International College.

    A Fitbit can help the recipient keep track of their physical state. Who knows? They might be able to eventually shed a few pounds while acing that psychology final with the help of this gadget! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! This will even help them look good in the gym as they do their workouts.


    Every college student just has to have a backpack, except for the rich ones with their Birkins and LVs.  Isn’t it comforting to see your friend or significant other using the backpack that you gifted them? This type of bag is perhaps the most useful and most versatile.

    It can handle classes, part-time jobs, internships, a hike, international travels, you name it! Eventually, it will bring a bittersweet memory when you guys finally finish college and move on with your lives. Hey, at least your friend carries a little bit of you wherever they go.

    BONUS: A phone case is an affordable and practical gift for college guys. Smartphones are a necessity in college for communication and to keep track of class schedules and appointments. You can design one at Custom Envy to fit their taste. More importantly, a phone cover helps protect the gadget from dents and scratches.

    In college, we deal with a lot of hardships, failures, and shortcomings.  But at the end of it all is the sweet taste of victory and that diploma that you’ve worked so hard for. Your buddy who lives alone, by choice or by coincidence, needs someone like you to remind them that they matter and the gifts that you give will surely make them feel appreciated during such a tumultuous time.


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