How to Present A Well-Groomed Style During Job Interviews

    It’s commonly said that you get one chance to make a good impression; and it’s true. When you go for a job interview, the impression you make will tell the interviewer if it’s worth looking into what you have to offer the employer. Even with a winning resume, poor grooming can make you miss that well-deserved opportunity.

    If you think this is not true, consider the fact that 69% of hiring managers have admitted to the fact that bad grooming is the greatest turn off an interviewee can have. That is why you need to groom yourself properly before you go for a job interview.

    1. Make the Right First Impression in your Interview

    A lot of hiring decisions are made within 30 seconds of being in the presence of your interviewers. Therefore, the way you carry yourself, how well you are groomed, and your general attitude should make the interviewer more interested in hearing about you and what you can offer. Messing up the first impression can give you an uphill and often impossible task of trying to make a good impression.

    bearded man in job interview
    Making eye contact and strong handshake are top interview tips

    2. Be Well-Groomed when looking for your new role

    To look well-groomed, you should actually groom yourself properly. You cannot afford to skip some common hygiene routines such as not brushing your teeth or skipping the deodorant when you know those around you will have to deal with body odor. You cannot afford to skip some common hygiene routines such as not brushing your teeth or skipping the deodorant when you know those around you will have to deal with body odor. And if you have severe teeth issues, be sure to visit the Dentist in Cajon before you head for your interview. Alternatively, you can also google a term like “dentist near me tewksbury” to find one near you.

    So, ensure that you shave your beard, style your hair neatly and conservatively, trim your nails, and dress appropriately. Your clothes should also be ironed and free from stains. Your shoes should also be well polished. Female interviewees should apply makeup to a minimum.

    3. Be Confident in yourself

    Even when you have a nice suit, have a clean shaved beard and look neat from top to bottom, you have to be confident to appear well-groomed to your interviewer. In other words, you need to have the self esteem that makes you look comfortable in your own skin. Otherwise, a lot of negative perceptions about you might go through the interviewer’s mind and cost you a great employment opportunity.

    4. Demonstrate your Care for your potential new role

    Part of good grooming is showing that you care about the little things, including the minor details that most people ignore. This can be especially helpful in cases where you are applying for a customer care job.

    Obviously, looking like you care starts with you being properly groomed. This can prove that you go the extra mile in your efforts even in the workplace. Such an impression can really compliment your professionally written resume or curriculum vitae.

    man and woman looking at cv
     Your CV should demonstrate your unique blend of skills and experience

    When looking for a job, you will need more than good credentials to get the job you want. You have to look and act the part as well. That is why you should be well groomed and also have an attitude. And a behaviour that tells your employer that you are the right person for the job.

    Therefore, in addition to wearing nice clothes, observing basic hygiene. And styling your hair and beard properly, you should also be confident as you attend that job interview.


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