What Should an Education Program in Fashion Constitute?

    Fashion has never been as relevant to society as it is in the present age. Many fashion designers and other professionals associated with the fashion industry prosper. Seeing them achieve success and live a life of their dreams is an inspiration and motivation for many young people. This explains people’s growing interest in education in fashion. Young students want to invest their time and energy studying something they enjoy and can relate to. Fashion understandably emerges as a top choice for students across a wide range of programs of education.

    But education programs on fashion have not been around for as long as programs on other areas of knowledge have. This raises a challenge for the schools in general and the educators in particular. They have to decide what to include in an education program in fashion. The decision needs to be taken fast. Because the number of students applying for such programs is growing day by day. This article discusses the fundamental essentials of an education program in fashion. Education programs vary across cultures and schools. But including the discussed elements in them makes them rich and wholesome. For the young minds with determination to be fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

    Sewing Skills Are Fundamentally Important in Fashion Programs

    “I can’t just write my paper about fashion designing; I need to learn how to sew as well.” That’s right! A student might never have to sew a shirt after completing the degree. However, unless students know how clothes are sewn, they cannot judge the performance of a tailor. Fashion designing revolves around styles and trends in clothing. A fashion designer needs a good and working knowledge of sewing to experiment with different styles and themes. So students should be taught how to sew the clothes customized to different figures. Taking some pressure off from work can be made easy if you buy assignments.

    Effect of Cultural Elements on the Fashion of Different Nations

    We live in a highly connected and integrated world today. More and more societies are becoming multicultural. Future fashion designers need a good sense of the fundamental values. And cultural aspects of different nations to lend a wider appeal to their styles and products. Fashion trends are successful if they are sensitive toward and understanding of the ethical code of a nation. Other than a few exceptions, most people belonging to a certain society or nation like to dress up following some standards and ethical codes. They may not be defined or written anywhere but are understood by everyone and passed across generations. So an education program on fashion needs to include a bit of history, culture, and religion of different nations.

    The Importance of Multilingualism for a Fashion Designer

    Fashion designing is a very sociable professional. People associated with it have to constantly interact with colleagues, peers, consumers, retailers, and entrepreneurs of different ethnicities and cultures. Fashion designers also have to compete internationally. And that’s not possible without organizing or at least participating in fashion shows outside the mainland. Therefore, fashion designers need a firm understanding of a variety of cultures, which is not possible without learning languages.

    It’s difficult to teach many languages in a compact 4-year bachelor’s program in fashion education. However, institutions can develop a basic level of competence in the most relevant international languages. Examples of such languages include French, Italian, and Arabic. 

    France and Italy are at the forefront of the fashion industry. And they have set many trends that have prevailed for decades. Not just in Europe but also all across the world. Learning Arabic helps because there is a big, rich, and affording consumer base in the Middle East. And one language caters to a whole bunch of countries. This suggestion holds the assumption that the learners are already fluent in English. For international programs, English should also be taught along with other languages.

    Fashion Extends Beyond Apparels and Jewelry

    Designers of the curriculum of fashion education must understand that fashion is not limited to clothing and accessories. Many trends and surgeries are in fashion these days. Including eye-lash extensions, making and styling hair extensions, and beauty surgical treatments. Students should be taught the surgical procedures in theory at the basic level. Paris Lash Academy offers online training about eyelash extensions and more. Master’s in fashion programs should constitute practical surgical work for beauty treatments and operations.

    A Good Fashion Curriculum Can Revolutionize the Fashion Industry

    The power of education in fashion can never be underestimated. A good program designed with the right curriculum. Instils and inculcates the required skills in the learners so that they can be competent professionals. Therefore, fashion-based education programs should constitute everything from making the garments to doing beauty treatments.


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