6 Look-Good Tips to Guarantee Virtual Date Success

    Planning a date can get a bit nerve-racking, especially when you think how awkward it can get, or if your partner will get bored. Imagine the same thing but virtually! Both online and in real life, dating has its ups and downs. But there are some tips and tricks to ensure you have the best time, without even leaving your cozy room!

    Dress up

    Even if it’s a virtual date, you still want to put on your best appearance! This means getting ready the same way you’d get ready for a real date. Pick up a nice outfit, prep yourself, shower, and spray some of that sweet perfume you only use for special occasions. 

    Not only will this show how dedicated and willing you are to put on your best self out there, but also the process alone will help you get in the mindset of going on a date. Since you will be stuck in your room, you might not even feel like it’s anything special, but a date is a date. Do your best, and don’t be afraid to dress to impress!

    Send them a gift

    If you really want to wow your special someone, why not send them a gift beforehand.  It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive, just something they like. Even if you have no idea what to get them, there are plenty of different gift boxes to choose from. This is such a cute way to show just how much you care about them. Since every little detail counts, this small act of love will show them a lot. You can also send them a personalized letter or a gift card, write something meaningful that they can treasure for a long time, and remember the date forever.

    Cook a fancy dinner

    Since you won’t be leaving your home, an excellent way to fancy up your date is to cook a nice dinner to go with it! What a good way to show off your awesome cooking skills, your significant other will be blown away. But, on the other hand, if you are not the most skilled chef out there but still want to seem like you got it – don’t panic! 

    The internet is full of different, easy recipes you can follow in your sleep! You don’t even have to cook a complex meal, just a little something-something. And, the good thing with virtual dating, even if you cook something that doesn’t taste the best – your date won’t even know about it, since you’re the only one eating! So feel free to put on an apron and experiment with food a little bit! 

    Make a playlist for the night

    If you really want to set the mood, the best way to do it is by making your playlist for the date. This is great since you won’t be able to do so during normal dates to a fancy restaurant or cafe. Also, creating a playlist is pretty romantic too, you can personalize it however you want. 

    Having some music in the background is perfect, as you’ll always have something to talk about if the conversation starts to die down. You’ll avoid staring at the screen in silence, just mention the song that’s playing at that moment, and you are saved! Also, try to incorporate favorite artists and songs of your significant other, they’ll think it’s cute how much you thought of them!

    Clean up your room

    Planning your outfit, getting ready and looking the best is essential, but don’t forget that the same implies to your environment too! Depending on what room you chose for your virtual date location, you need to tidy it up a bit. It will add to the experience, and you’ll show your date how clean you are. 

    Rearrange your room a little bit, make it as cozy or as fancy as you’d like, just pick up the unnecessary clothes from the floor, unneeded dishes, and any other additional junk that might be in sight. Also, if you really want to go out there, you can dim your lights and get some candles – can’t get any more romantic than that. If you are not a fan of candles, or this seems too cheesy, opt for some fairy lights instead, it’s less old fashioned, but still helps with setting the right mood for the date!

    Plan an activity to do on the date 

    Lastly, the best way to ensure that you have the best time on your date, is to have a special activity planned out. This can be anything, from drawing and doing some DIY projects together to watching a movie via shared screen, as long as it’s fun and involves both parties – go for it! This will prevent you from having a dull, mundane time and turn it into the best date you can imagine.


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