Thrilling Activities for Adventurous Men

    Are you a thrill adventurer? If yes, then this is your article. Exciting activities are for those individuals who dare and risk. Not suitable for the faint-hearted, and that’s why most men love them. If you plan to take such an adventure, you can choose any of the available activities, which are hundreds in number. In this article, we have put six of the best, which you need to check out and try. Here is the list.

    Bungee Jumping

    If you fear heights, then this is not for you. For most men, bungee jumping is part of the favorable activities they like doing when on holiday. It is a favorite to the majority of thrill-seekers, and it’s a good activity for individuals who are willing to join the fun of high-level jumping. Also known as bungy jumping, it involves someone jumping from a high cliff or on different types of mountains, with the help of an elastic cord. Whether a bungee jumping beginner or a pro, you can enjoy this activity since it comes with different levels. You can start with the easiest as you get up to the hardest. If you want to have the best jump, go to a place with beautiful sceneries accompanied by friends.

    Big Wave Surfing

    You can’t skip big wave surfing while mentioning thrill activities for men. You can get the most significant wave and other mild climates and water beauties in Portugal, but if you are far, the nearest sea or ocean can be a surfing activity for you and your team. If you are a beginner in surfing, the experts at advise you to take lessons to know some basic surfing skills. Where can you find the best surfers? Best surfers can easily be found in Nazare and end up surfing on high tides, which rise to almost 100 feet. How is it done? The surfer always rides on the forward part, facing the wave which carries them into the shore. 


    If you are a man who likes thrilling adventures, then gliding can be a perfect activity. This sport is not for the faint-hearted since it’s one of the most awkward sports ever. What does gliding involve? A gliding game involves riding on unpowered aircraft. This situation means you are the person who controls it. Interesting! This activity gives you the opportunity of soaring to great heights without being assisted with any motor or machine. It’s just an apparatus which you need to move. It provides good movement speeds and sometimes gets to over 160kilometres per hour. Only a single person is allowed per craft and uses the wind’s movement through a glider, also known as a sailplane. 

    Ice Swimming

    If you love taking risks, then Ice swimming is a perfect thrilling activity for you. Others call this kind of swimming as winter swimming, which involves dipping yourself into frozen waters during winter. With water below 5 degrees, you can imagine the feeling of getting into it with just a swimming costume. If you are daring, you can try it, but remember there are no wetsuits or body warming gear to help you. There are also championships which get done for the same ice swimming, which you can participate in and compete with the world’s best ice swimmers. 

    Cliff Jumping

    Ever tried cliff jumping? It is a thrilling sport whereby you get on top of a cliff and jump into a water body beneath it. Also known as tombstoning, this kind of sport does not require any equipment. This activity mostly suits people who are on the coast and can get enhanced by using a parachute. An enhanced cliff jumping loses its name to become base jumping. How high are you required to jump? It depends on your experience. There are different levels of jumping, starting from novice to pro.

    The Cage of Death

    Cage of death is a near-death experience and requires people with enough courage. It involves getting into an enclosure, submerged into a pool of water containing fierce crocodiles for approximately 15 minutes. This situation means the distance between the crocodile and you is just the cage. With this type of activity, you can come into close contact with the crocodiles, view their features, and get to see them one-on-one without them hurting you.

    There are hundreds of activities you can perform, depending on your location. We have only highlighted a few in this article. We hope this list will significantly help and inspire you at one point or the other. Feel free to search for other different activities online.


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