Three Skills Every Man Should Learn

    Ah, being manly. While in today’s day and age being manly is something that shouldn’t be defined in that way. There are certain skills that we inherently connect with manly people. Let’s say for example chopping wood, or fixing a car — all things that most men love doing. 

    But, when you are on a quest to learn a new skill, you have a lot to pick from. That’s why we decided to sit down and write in words some skills that we believe are the manliest of all. By no means we say women shouldn’t give them a go, definitely do! 

    Now, without spending any more time on the intro, let’s dive in with the very first skill on the list. 

    Being decent at poker is one of the most fun skills you could ever learn. 

    Yes, playing poker. While the chances of getting filthy rich from playing poker are slim. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn how to play it. By far, the best way to learn the skill is to watch what some of the greats are doing. You can follow Jeremy Wien and see his unique style. Or you can even try a few hands at online poker without spending real money on it. 

    Remember that poker is about patience and practice. You’ll suck at it at first, but the more you play, the better you’ll get. And, finally, know your limits. There’s no need to lose more money than you can afford to play. So stop as soon as you’ve reached your limit. 

    Changing a tire may seem like an easy thing to do. But it’s best to give it a few practice runs first. 

    Changing a tire is one of those easy sounding tasks. That aren’t really easy until you have to do it on the side of the road in the freezing cold weather. 

    One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to change a tire a couple of times in your driveway. That way you’ll get accustomed to making the motion. And it won’t be as hard if you ever have to do it on the highway

    Learn where how to lift the car on a jack. And how to untighten and then tighten the bolts (pro tip, always go criss-cross). 

    Front bonnet of a car

    Chopping wood with an axe is by far the manliest skill you can possess, so give it a few swings. 

    Finally, you should know how to chop wood with an axe. Again, it’s one of the things that you may have to do it once in your lifetime. But you’ll be so glad that you’re actually capable of doing. 

    There’s a trick to swinging the axe in a way that you use its weight and momentum. That’s how you can chop wood for hours without hurting yourself or your hands going numb from all the swinging. 

    But mastering the skill will also come in handy when you have to chop a bit of wood when it’s cold outside. You don’t really want to spend hours in the cold learning how to do it, do you?

    Other Skills To Consider 

    Every man should learn essential skills to help others during an emergency. Start with basic first aid skills, such as applying direct pressure or bandage to stop bleeding from a cut or wound. Then, proceed to advanced skills, like cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  

    Men must also learn self-defense skills. If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a martial arts master or action star, you can start with basic self-defense training in taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Muay Thai. 

    Playing sports is also a must-learn skill for men. It’s not too late how to learn to play tennis or basketball. Besides, playing sports has no age limit, and learning a new one is good for your health and fitness.  

    Whether you want to learn woodworking, building, or automotive, it’s a must to wear the right safety gear and appropriate workwear to ensure comfort and safety. Examples include work pants, cargo pants, waterproof safety boots, and denim jeans from Workwear or similar stores. 


    Regardless of the skill you want to learn, arm yourself with patience, determination, persistence, and the right tools and gear to attain your goal. Don’t rush to acquire a particular skill to avoid compromising your safety and the meaningful journey of learning from scratch. Moreover, equip yourself with the correct information by watching tutorials from experts before trying it yourself to ensure you’re doing it right.


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