Blumaan Styling Meraki

    Looking to upgrade your hair styling range? We review the original matte finish styling meraki from the community curated brand Blumaan.

    Blumaan are a brand who took the opinions, wants and worries of their community to create a product that suits them best. Their popularity has risen rapidly thanks to their popular YouTube channel which teaches users how to correctly style their hair. With over 600k subscribers and 50 million views, it is considered as one of the favoured men’s grooming channels. They have recently been featured on SlikHaar TV, The Pomp, Moquer, and most notably MTV UK.

    Blumaan currently have one men’s styling product; the original matte finish styling meraki, they were kind enough to send a sample for a BeardMag review.


    The styling pastes comes in black 71ml tub and has enough product for at least 40 applications, we have been using it almost 2 months now and still have a 1/3 of the pot left, great value for money at only $19. All of the ingredients are sourced naturally with the sole purpose of assisting with a strong hold and finish, an added bonus is that it is also heat protectant. One of the main ingredients is Castor oil which has been proven to increase strength in hair as well as promote growth. The scent is very neutral, hints of sage and rosemary offer a freshness which isn’t overpowering. The texture of the wax is tacky and malleable, Bluuman have used beeswax to help with that extra firm hold.

    The test of any hair product is the hold, to make sure that we gave an honest review, we tested the styling meraki for several weeks in both wet and dry conditions. We found that the average hold was between 8 to 10 hours, comfortably keeping hair in place throughout the day. We were surprised by how water resilient it was, though we lost some hold in wet and windy conditions, there was still substantial strength in the product to restyle hair back into shape. As we have touched upon in our other grooming articles, hair comes in all shapes and thicknesses but so the product might hold different for you.

    Be sure to check out Blumaan on their website here, make sure to give them a follow on Twitter also for all their latest product and brand developments.


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