9 Styling Tips to Look as Good as Your Bride

    A wedding doesn’t always happen and if it’s your day, looking good is not an option it’s a must. On that day, all eyes will mainly be on you and the bride. How you look on your special day is very important. There are two main things you shouldn’t compromise on, your wedding bands and the photography because that’s what you are left with after the wedding. 

    How you dress and everything you wear on your special day will determine how great the photos look, so don’t compromise. 

    The styling tips below should help you look as your bride. 

    Fitting and comfortable outfit

    The first thing you need to make sure is whatever you plan on wearing on your wedding day is fitting and comfortable. Never compromise on comfort as this may end up ruining your day because you’ll be too conscious of how you look. 

    Do not assume that extra material on your suit. Take it to the tailor so it can be fitted to your size.

    Pick shoes wisely 

    The shoes you pick from Del Toro Shoes can either be formal, casual, or semi-casual. What you choose should be determined by how formal or informal your wedding will be. For a formal one, you can wear oxfords and semiformal you can go for brogues. 

    Make sure your shoes fit well. Wear them at least once over a short distance to see if they fit correctly. You don’t need sore legs on your wedding day.

    Wedding band

    Your wedding may only come once in a lifetime therefore, the type of ring you wear speaks volumes. Don’t just go for a ring because it is cheap and affordable. Find something nice and durable. Carved rings are believed to bring out a man’s masculinity and can be a great choice; you can also go for a Classic Beveled Ring or any other stylish men’s wedding band to complement your style. 

    Coordinate your wear

    In as much as you have the pressure to look good, be careful not to stand out for the wrong reasons. Make sure what you wear is coordinated. If you are wearing a printed suit, make sure the shirt is plain or with very little going on. 

    If your wedding is very formal, don’t go very casual shoes which will look odd with the whole outfit. 

    Add your personality

    Whatever you pick, you need to factor in your personality. Let your suit and shoes bring out the real you as a person. Embrace it. If you love laid back outfits, then go for something simple but classy that will be screaming sophistication. If you are somebody who loves color, go for something that brings out that. For example, you can go for colorful socks. 

    Be extra

    After you have added something that tells us about you, go ahead and find something extra that goes along with your personality. Something that you can only do on your big day and get away with it.

    You can play around with your suit and add something to your outfit that brings a memory between you and your bride. It could be probably a small symbol of something you have in common. Get creative and put a smile on your bride with your outfit.

    Accessorize your look

    Accessorize your look by adding simple things that make the whole outfit look amazing. This is a quick and thoughtful way of not being plain. Some great examples of neckwears you can add to your look are skinny tuxedo ties or just a colorful bowtie.

    The groomsmen can wear the pocket square while you wear a boutonniere. As a rule of thumb, do not wear both together; it will be too much.

    Play with color 

    You are allowed to play with color. It’s your wedding day. You are supposed to stand out, so don’t hold back. Black and grey are quite common at weddings, why don’t you change up things a bit and go for something daring? If possible, avoid black and grey on your wedding day. The color you choose will also set the mood of the wedding.

    You can mix classic and modern don’t feel pressured to do a 100% one style. Go along with the season. An example, during winter, you can wear a velvet outfit. 

    Shop early

    One last thing you need to do to make sure you achieve the style you have been wanting is to buy your suit or tux early enough. This way, you get adequate time to fit and make those adjustments with the tailor. Buy the shoes also soon enough so that if they don’t fit properly, you can find others that you are comfortable with.

    The tips discussed above should help you stand out on your special day. From choosing the right ring size to playing around with colors, all these will give you an overall great look. 

    An additional tip is to also visit a dentist to have your teeth whitened days before your special day. Check out cosmetic dentistry in Lancaster to get that perfect smile.


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