A Bachelor’s Guide to Having a Clean Pad

    While marriage is great, and it is what most people want at some point in their lives, there’s nothing quite like being a bachelor. You don’t have many responsibilities, and you can do pretty much anything you want.

    Going on a Euro trip for a couple of months, spending away your life savings? Why not sounds like a good idea. How about buying your dream car? These are all things you get to do as a bachelor because there are no wedding expenses, kids’ tuition, or house mortgage. You might even get through most of your life without finding out what a steam cleaner is.

    One responsibility that comes with being a bachelor, though, is keeping a clean pad and doing some floor cleaning, which isn’t as easy as you might think.. Here’s how you can do it. 

    Start small

    The key to keeping a clean bachelor pad is starting small. If you think about how big the apartment is, and the number of things you need to do, you will never get anything done. So, take baby steps and start by making your bed.

    Whenever you get up in the morning, make the bed and dust the sheets. Then remove all shirts thrown on the floor or a chair, and take your laundry into a separate basket. These steps would only take a few minutes, but you’d be surprised how much the room would look better, and it’d put you in the mood to go about the rest of the apartment.

    Get the necessary tools

    You are going to need some basic equipment if you want to keep a clean bachelor pad. For starters, get a vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one. It will literally change your life as you see the dust being sucked away, effortlessly and in no time.

    If you want to make use of even better technology, get a robotic vacuum cleaner, which is definitely something else and would save you the trouble of having to use the normal one. The robotic cleaner mops sterilize and fulfill a lot of other functions. It can work on hardwood, carpets, and, more importantly, hidden areas you can’t normally reach. 

    Be systematic

    Thinking of the entire house as a whole can be a bit problematic because you’ll just feel frustrated that you have to do all this on your own. So, it’s best to think of the place as separate rooms and worry about each one at a time.

    Start with your own bedroom, and then make your way into the different ones, finishing each completely as you go along. This is a much better approach than trying to clean the entire house at the same time, which doesn’t prove much effective and would only waste time. 

    Get help

    While you should regularly clean the place on your own, you are also going to need some professional help on a frequent basis. At the end of the day, you are not a professional, and you will miss quite a few spots and areas.

    The cleaners at offer this service to thousands of homes, and they explain that merely depending on your own cleaning routine can lead to dust piling up over time, especially if you can’t make enough time to get the house the proper care it needs amid your busy schedule.

    It is important that you look for trustworthy maids and companies, though, so ask your friends and family for recommendations, or be sure to check other customers’ testimonials online. 

    Pay extra attention to the kitchen

    Until that help arrives, you need to pay extra attention to the kitchen if you don’t want your place to become a breeding ground for pests. Always clean up after cooking, and wipe the kitchen counter with soap and vinegar to get rid of any food smells or remains.

    Never, ever leave the dishes for the next day, because then they will pile up, and you will be giving bugs and ants an open invitation to come over and stay at your place, which is definitely the last thing you need as a bachelor. It wouldn’t help either if you piled the dishes in stagnant water, as that way mold would be formed, and you’d be getting yourself into all sorts of trouble. 

    Pay equal attention to the bathroom 

    Yes, the bathroom deserves the same level of attention as the kitchen. It can also be a breeding ground for germs and in turn, insects, which you wouldn’t really appreciate. Moreover, any guests coming over will be using the bathroom, and you can tell a lot about a person and their hygiene level from how presentable their bathroom is.

    So, always wash it regularly with detergent and water, and make sure you clean the mirrors and tub as well. 

    The small details

    The devil’s in the details, especially when it comes to keeping a clean bachelor pad, and it’s those details that people notice right away. Get a decent air purifier and constantly use it around the place, because it is nice and refreshing for people to smell like roses or lemons when they walk into your place.

    Odors aside, you need to arrange your books and CDs in an orderly fashion and stack them in a library or a small shelf somewhere in the living room. Books lying around everywhere look really nasty, and they can even make your place messier than it actually is. 


    Invest in a decent brush and dusting spray for your wooden chairs and tables, and try to wipe them off a couple of times a week. Dust piles up quickly if you let it, and it is a problem that can be easily handled early on, so there’s no need to ignore it.

    Just dust around regularly to keep your surfaces clean and shiny, and you’d be surprised how much of a difference that makes in your house’s overall appearance. 

    Keeping a clean bachelor pad is hard work, but it is also very rewarding. You’ll probably be having guests over at one point or another, so you need to make sure your place is nice and presentable.

    The key is consistency, and if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll never have much work to do around the place. 


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