3 Top Road-Trip Destinations for Man and his Best Friend

    Renowned American actor Robert Wagner once said:  “A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.” The relationship between a man and his dog is an unassuming one based on mutual trust, respect and devotion.

    While engaging in a solo road trip (or one with the entire family) will undoubtedly have its highlights, it can’t compete with a journey undertaken solely with your dog. Man’s best friend will always be loyal.

    Being the dog-loving nation that it is, the USA sports an ever-increasing number of dog-friendly road trip destinations that promise to be amusing, adventurous, and filled with special moments for all.

    New Orleans to Austin

    If you are both a dog-lover and a foodie you can’t go wrong driving between New Orleans and Austin on a journey with your best friend in tow. You will start out your journey in New Orleans, heading west on Interstate 10 for roughly seven-and-­a- half hours.

    There is plenty of opportunity for both you and your canine companion to stretch your legs along the way with the grounds of the Baton Rouge capitol being particularly popular. Ensure you carry enough drinking water in your vehicle and don’t hesitate to stop for a dip in the cool ocean at one of the many dog-friendly on the coast.

    Be sure to grab a bite to eat at any of the many eateries such as Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden and ABGB where you and your dog will both be welcomed with open arms.

    Montana’s Scenic Route

    Filled with countless outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, swimming, and fishing to choose from, the Treasure State can best be described as a dog paradise just waiting to be discovered.

    Whether you like roughing it out in the wild or prefer more comfortable accommodations, the college town of Missoula is the ideal starting point for your road trip. Upon leaving the town you will head north for just over 50 miles to the National Bison Range in Dixon before moving on to Bigfork on the edge of Flathead Lake. If you want to travel in style and luxury, book a limo at Limo Find and treat yourself

    Conclude your road trip through Western Montana with a scenic drive along the 50-mile-long Going to the Sun Road which opens to the public as soon as the snow melts. If you plan to take your road trip during summer remember to pack a good mosquito repellent along with your regular skin and beard care products as they tend to be quite a pest during warmer weather.

    Atlanta to Savannah

    If you are looking for a short yet exhilarating road trip, consider driving from Atlanta to Savannah with your pup. The drive will take you approximately 4 hours but you will definitely want to make a few stops to enjoy the awesome natural scenery the state of Georgia has become so well-known for.

    Both you and your dog will be in your element exploring the numerous dog-friendly hiking trails in the Oconee National Forest. Savannah is not only a special treat for any guy who seems himself a bit of a history buff but also sports many dog-friendly shops and eateries. Make a stop at Forsyth Park before you leave town to give your dog one last chance to run around and frolic in the water before you head back home.

    Whichever road you choose to travel with your dog alongside you is bound to make for a memorable journey. In years to come, you may not remember all the places you visited but you will definitely remember who was by your side every step of the way.


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