How To Match Looks With Your Wolf Pack At A Wedding

    It’s no secret that the bridal attire is often the center of attention during weddings. That’s why the groom and his wolf pack aren’t always given enough highlight. While that may be an exaggeration, it won’t hurt to be on the safer side and take the time to polish your look. To do just that, make sure you and your boys will stand out on your big day. This essentially means it’s time you start thinking of creative ways to match looks with your groomsmen.

    The classic black tux and tie will always be swoon-worthy, but there’s a lot more you can do to give the gang’s attire a hint of flair and matching dapperness. All you need is a bit of fashion-forward thinking to create a little symmetry here and there. The bride and her bridesmaids are surely doing the same, and there’s no reason for you not to join in the fun and challenge. 

    Knowing Where to Shop Can go a Long Way 

    Bridal shops and couture boutiques are pretty easy to find, but you can’t exactly say the same about specialty stores for grooms and their wolf pack. Don’t underestimate the time you have, and start looking for a retailer or rental store where you and your crew can source your wedding attires. You can never be too prepared when it comes to an event as memorable as a wedding. Therefore, knowing where to shop for the right pieces and accessories can go a long way.

    Since it’s matching looks you’re aiming for, a good starting point would be boutiques and stores, such as, that specially cater to grooms and groomsmen. You can get several ideas as you browse through their racks or online catalogs. You’ll never know, you might stumble upon a creative thought while looking at stuff for men. Whether shopping online or in physical stores, it’s better to know where to go to find what you need. You can also ask your married male buddies if they know a shop that can accommodate your preferences. 

    Match Wedding Groom

    Let the Matching Game Begin 

    When you already know where to shop, the rest should come easy. The next step would be to determine at what length you want the matching game to extend. Do you want the looks to be tight-knit and uniform from any angle? Or do you prefer to give your boys a little freedom and let them decide what to add or change in the ensemble? Answering these questions can greatly help you determine the level of uniformity that you want to achieve.

    If you want to make it simple and achievable for everyone, you can ask them to wear a specific color of jacket or vest and then let them do the rest of the styling. There are also subtle ways to incorporate a matching look, such as wearing similar accessories.

    If you need ideas, here are some matching groomsmen gifts you can give them: 


    Nothing speaks of sleek elegance more than personalized cufflinks. Your groomsmen will surely stand out in these fashion pieces, especially if you’ve taken quite the time to have them tailored to perfection. If you want the accessory to be more noticeable, wearing cufflinks that contrast your shirt is a good idea.

    Whiskey Glasses

    Celebratory toasts and cheers are all the rage now as both the bride and groom prepare for the ceremony. You can ask your wedding photographer to take pictures of you and your wolf pack as you toast together in your customized whiskey glasses. If you’re not a whiskey fan, there are also beer mugs and wine glasses you can opt for. 

    Matching Neckties

    Want the look to be more harmonized? If so, you can give your groomsmen matching neckties for their suits. You can choose the color and fabric that’ll complement your wedding theme. Guests will surely notice how your boys look somehow similar because of their dapper ties that match with yours.


    If you prefer your big day’s ambiance to be more relaxed and a bit playful, you can go for matching suspenders for you and your men. You can pair them with high-waisted trousers or pants to complete the out-of-the-box look.

    Another idea you might want to consider is to give your groomsmen a starter pack that contains all the essentials they need for the event. Doing so will make them feel more special and appreciated. You can throw in a few accessories that you can customize with name engravements and monograms. Matching pocket knives, lighters, and flask sets are some things you can include in your starter pack.

    Final Words 

    As you plan for the most amazing wedding with your soon-to-be spouse, there can be plenty of things to take care of. Among these things is how you and your groomsmen will stand out together. Your look as the groom is one of the highlights of the occasion, but you shouldn’t forget to dress up your boys in a way that’ll make them look as dashing as you are.  

    Thankfully, there are different creative ways you can try to match looks with your wolf pack on your wedding day. These men are most likely the closest to both you and your partner, so it’s only fitting that you let them know how appreciative you are of their participation. Coordinated ensembles can be a stylish detail that can make all the difference in achieving this goal.


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