A Groom’s Guide: How to Help Plan an Amazing Wedding

    We all think that brides go crazy when they need to plan the wedding and we as men need to stay away from their paths. However, not all women love to plan weddings. In fact, many guys are much better at it than their other halves. While it might not be traditional, men can and should help their partners with wedding plans. If you want to offer support and help to your bride-to-be, here are a few things you can take over during the wedding planning process. 

    Help with the guest list

    Since both you and your bride are inviting people, it’s best that both of you get involved in the guest list creation process. If you’re limited with space and money, you might need to rank friends according to their importance—it might not sound nice, but it’s necessary. 

    Book your fitting

    Just know that you will take more photos on your wedding day than any other day in your life, so you want to look put together and in shape. You might want to hit the gym and diet a bit before your wedding day and start looking for your tux. When choosing your attire, make sure to find an experienced tailor who will get you fitted to a T in your timeless suit. If you’re not prone to fashion experiments, skip the cummerbund, go easy on colors and avoid pleats. It’s also your job to choose between a tie and a bow. 

    Put your wedding party together

    You also need to choose your best man and groomsmen as soon as you can. Look among your best friend, men in your family you’re close with or your bride’s brothers. These guys will help you with organizing, planning, choosing whatever, grooming and running errands. Since this is not an easy job and it requires a lot of responsibility and engagement, it’s customary to repay your groomsmen by getting them a nice gift. Here are a few out of the ordinary ideas: monogrammed pocket knives, cuff links, golf gear and nice work bags. 

    Get the rings

    You managed to choose an engagement ring she loved (she did say yes to your ring after all) so you already have the experience necessary for getting your wedding rings as well. Consult with your future wife on the shape and style of your rings and handle the rest. One of the biggest trends today are lab grown diamond wedding rings, especially for eco-friendly couples who do not support diamond mining. These diamonds will look equally amazing as natural ones, but you will additionally impress your fiancée with your thoughtfulness. Of course, make sure to place them somewhere safe and deliver them to your ring bearer on the day of the ceremony—this should be your responsibility as well. 

    Choose the music

    Music is very important for the overall atmosphere for the wedding and you already know your bride’s music taste very well, so why not take over this task. You can give the band or the DJ a must-play list of songs and tell them to include all sorts of different genres. 

    Write your vows

    Many couples today write their own vows, so take your time to write yours. Be honest and focus on the basic three Fs: Forever (how long you want to be with your significant other), Fidelity (talk about your commitment to her) and Falling in love (you did it and continue to do it every day). 

    Take the lead on planning the honeymoon

    While everyone else is busy with grooming and finishing up all the wedding tasks, you can also take over the honeymoon planning—it’s much easier and more fun than wedding planning. Consider what your bride and you love to do and book in advance if you want to save up. Remember to wait for her approval for most activities, but include one nice surprise—a private dinner, balloon ride or similar. 

    You’re supposed to share all responsibilities in marriage, so why not start before you say your official Yeses. These wedding tasks are all easy to handle and your future bride will be very grateful. 


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