5 Suave Ways to Style a Hooded Leather Jacket

    Certain garments provide us comfort, while others are purely for fashion purposes. But what if we guide you to something that will give you both these benefits? Among the list of garments that are the epitome of warmth and impressive style, the leather jacket with a hood comes first!

    Combine the heroic feeling you get with a leather jacket with the snugness of a hoodie, and you get a hooded leather jacket. These jackets come in various styles, such as pull-over style or with a button or zipped front closure. The hood in these jackets can be made of fabric or leather. Biker jackets, bomber jackets, cafe racer jackets, or leather vests; all can be found in the hooded style.

    Putting on this jacket on any outfit can raise the style meter reading in an instant, making you look incredibly handsome. If you are a style conscious man who is looking for the most fashion forward ways to style a hooded leather jacket, you have come to the right place. We have got you covered with the best style advice regarding this sophisticated piece of clothing.

    Outfit Ideas with a Hooded Leather Jacket

    Menswear enthusiasts value the sartorial significance of the hooded leather jacket due to its classic, timeless style despite the casual feel. Another plus point is the jacket’s versatility. Men’s leather jackets featuring a hoodie can be integrated well into a variety of casual looks. From the laid back end of the spectrum to the dapper street style, this cool jacket will be your savior whenever you need an effortless style. 

    Many wardrobe essentials go well with the hooded jacket, including henleys, t-shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, jeans and joggers. Rugged style boots, converse sneakers, and loafers are the apt choice when you want to round off the hooded jacket look. You can use accessories like sunglasses and watches to give a sleek finish to your looks.

    Here are the five no-fail ways to style a hooded leather jacket that looks good on every man.

    1. With a Henley and White Jeans

    The combination of a neutral colored henley with white jeans looks very dashing. And when you add a black hooded biker jacket to the mix, the bar is raised even more as the jacket adds a whole new appeal to this look. Rock this comfortable outfit with a pair of sleek Chelsea boots and a leather strap watch. 

    2. With a Grey T-shirt and Joggers

    Why do we need to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort? Consider looking your stylish best even in the laid back style. Pair a grey t-shirt and snugly fitted joggers with a blue hooded leather jacket. This look is perfect for indoors. But when you need to step out, just add a pair of low top sneakers and a sporty watch to bring out its style. 

    3. With a Black Turtleneck and Camo Pants

    Camo pants are one of the most trendy fashion statements for the year 2021. Pair them with your green leather jacket with a hood for a cool look. The right way to put together this ensemble is to wear a black turtleneck and camouflage pants along with the green hooded jacket. Add a black beanie and aviator style shades to this outfit, and choose black Chelsea boots as footwear for a high-end look.

    4. With Ripped Jeans 

    Use a brown pullover hooded jacket for a street style look by pairing it with faded, ripped jeans. Use a basic t-shirt as the base layer and style this outfit with white sneakers. The brown jacket will be the highlight of this outfit and give it the required punch. Apart from that, the ripped jeans give this ensemble the rock look, which is a raging style trend. 

    5. With a Chambray Shirt and Slim Fit Jeans

    Chambray shirts make you look a class apart due to their denim-like appearance. Besides being smart, they are also very comfortable. Wear a light blue chambray shirt and dark blue slim fit jeans along with a black suede jacket with a hood. Black suede chukka boots will finish off this look perfectly. You can easily rock this look at a lunch date or even a casual after work meetup. 

    Leather Jacket Style

    Make Sure You Buy the Right Size

    The time is perfect to buy a classy hooded leather jacket through the amazing Black Friday jacket deals going on. However, we strongly suggest going for a made-to-measure jacket specifically made according to your measurements. These jackets may be available off the rack, but the one size fits all idea hampers the true style of the leather jacket, which looks great when it fits you perfectly. 

    The right clothing fit can be assessed by measuring your torso and sleeve length, shoulders, waist, and other details like your collar size. Your hooded jacket is a long term investment in your wardrobe, so make sure you get the value for your money by getting a tailored fit.

    When to Wear a Leather Jacket with a Hood?

    The warmth and edge of a hooded leather jacket make it an appropriate staple to be worn in fall, winter, and even the colder spring days. You can rock it on a casual winter morning walk or a casual meetup with your pals. You can also wear this jacket while riding a bike, or when you need to layer a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit in a hurry. Some opulent hooded jackets can also be worn for day or night parties.

    Besides dressing according to the occasion, it is important to focus on your overall appearance and enhance it with accessories and the best scents for men. 


    The leather jackets with a hood surely have the edge over other styles due to the absolute fusion of style and comfort. It is a wardrobe mainstay for men who want to nail the casual looks with panache. If you decide to add a hooded leather jacket to your wardrobe, it is better to order a made-to-measure piece that fits you perfectly. Only then would you be able to get the most stylish look out of it.


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