5 Unique Men’s Wedding Ring Styles

    When you think about wedding ring shopping, you picture it as a woman dragging a man into shop after shop to look for the perfect matching set. It’s your wedding ring. It’s going to be on your finger forever. It is therefore crucially important that you choose something you never tire of. Usually this means looking around for the best jewels. However, nobody ever expects that the man in the relationship will be the one who struggles with choosing a wedding ring. Men have traditionally less choice in ring, in gemstone, and in style. 

    These 5 wedding ring styles ought to give you inspiration and help you choose a ring that suits you. 

    The 5 Unique Wedding Ring Styles Which Might be Right for You

    Let’s review some popular but interesting men’s wedding bands so you can find a style that suits you. Wedding rings are forever, jewelers should build them to last and made from materials that you enjoy. Gold is traditional, but you might choose another color of metal, or any stone that you like. 

    1. Opt for Inlay

    Looking your best on your wedding day is the priority here. A ring is part of that overall look. One of the best types of interesting wedding ring men can wear involves inlaid strips of gemstones. Some popular choices include petrified wood, layers of diamond inlay, or opal pieces. To make the look perfect, match the gem in your inlay to the cufflinks you choose for your wedding day. 

    2. The Spinner

    Spinner rings are exactly the right type of ring to buy for a neurodivergent groom. If you struggle with sitting still, a fidget ring cast in precious metals could be the ideal answer. Fidget rings are big right now, so make sure you don’t get swindled. Choose one with precious metals so that it stands the test of time.

    3. The Celtic Knot

    There may be a traditional disparity between placing gemstones on your wedding ring, but there is no such tradition regarding patterns woven into the metal. As such, a Celtic knot ring is one of the best patterns you can get for a men’s wedding ring. The knot symbolizes how our lives intricately link together. It is a visual representation of the entanglements of our lives. 

    4. Choose Diamonds

    Your wedding ring should just be a plain gold band, right? Wrong. You have just as much right to wearing the international symbol of love on your finger as your fiancé does. Diamond inset wedding rings for men are having a moment right now, and rightly so. Big brands like Cartier are getting involved and we are not sorry.

    5. Go Tribal

    There rings with patterns which reflect the tribes of the people who would have worn them, back in the day. If you have a clan, tribe, or group you identify with, styling your wedding band in that same pattern can give you a real sense of belonging. 

    Still Stuck for Wedding Ring Inspiration?

    If you still can’t find a wedding band that you want from our list, then try expanding your horizons. Change up the color of the precious metal, opt for a solid gold band for simplicity, or think about wearing your ring on a gold chain around your neck. There is a style of ring for everyone, you just must find it.


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