The Best Places for a Beach Holiday in Winter 2023

    Where will you go during the New Year holidays or after? Both you and your family will like the idea of going abroad in winter – to a warm country to relax near the sea. We offer the 7 best destinations where the sun, fruits, and national flavor will make your vacation truly heavenly.


    It is in January that the air temperature in the UAE reaches the indicators tolerable for a European – up to 35 degrees. This means that the high season begins. A flight to the warm January Dubai is the first pleasure! Then you will find amazing discoveries that will make you fall in love with this wonderful city.

    We highly recommend taking a rental car from one of the rental services in the city to be free to move and to combine beach and cultural rest successfully. Is very common for the UAE to hire exotic cars.  Rent luxury cars in Dubai and feel its spirit to the fullest. The fantastic city of the future can boast of sightseeing that has the “-est” suffix and the “most” particle – the highest, the biggest, the most expensive, and so on. If you miss the snow and winter activities, this city can offer even that and even at +35 degrees.

    Winter Beach Holiday

    Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic is perfect during the winter holidays. More than 90% of the inhabitants of the republic are Catholics, so they celebrate Christmas on a special scale, but the New Year is also held in high esteem.

    You will enjoy the snow-white beaches, the warm sea, the true summer air, and all the delights of active recreation:

    • maximum water transparency is ideal for divers;
    • average wave length – for surfing.

    December and January are high seasons in the Dominican Republic. Europeans, Americans, and Asians will come to bask in the sun with you. Choose one of the popular resorts on the coast: Boca Chica, Puerto Plata, Juan Dolio, Punta Cana, or La Romana.


    Here, winter holidays can be combined with a tour of historical sites – excursions will be much more pleasant without the sweltering heat. There are no fewer offers from guides this season than in any other. Fishing in the open sea and, of course, diving will bring you joy. The coral reefs of the Red Sea are beautiful without weekends and holidays.


    In the land of eternal summer, not every month is suitable for recreation. In December and January, they are just perfect to soak up the white sand, go diving, surfing or fishing:

    • the rainy season is over and the air has cooled to 26-28 degrees;
    • the water in the ocean remains pleasant for swimming – at 24 degrees.

    Guava, mango, bananas, and citrus fruits ripen and fill the local markets. Recreation can be combined with a cultural program: to see architecture, historical sights, and museums. There are plenty of them in Cuba.


    Maldives is another zone of eternal summer, where you should be during the winter cold. There is no heat (maximum 30 degrees), there is no storm, and visibility underwater reaches 30 m. This fact is a magnet for divers who go to explore underwater caves and sunken ships and watch turtles and other inhabitants of the reef.

    Maldivian beaches and bungalows on the water are a fairy tale in the style of “bounty”, which everyone has heard about. Hotels are very diverse: you can choose options for families with children, young people, and couples. Perhaps it is difficult to find a person who would be dissatisfied with the fact that he chose the Maldives for a trip.


    Winter holidays coincide with the dry season in Mexico when the air temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. The most popular tourist region is the Yucatan Peninsula, washed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The local beaches are legendary:

    • the coating is the smallest coral sand, which does not heat up even in the strongest heat;
    • wide coastline shaded by coconut palms;
    • fantastic underwater world.

    Margarita Island

    Margarita Island is a paradise resort on the Caribbean coast. Located almost at the equator, it belongs to the territory of Venezuela. Europeans and Venezuelans themselves come here en masse to rest. The geographical location of the resort guarantees a tourist a full summer in December: the air warms up to 30 degrees during the day (however, it does not happen below 24 degrees here at all).

    More than 100 km of sandy beaches (there are also freshwater ones), ecological trails and hiking trails, and water expanses for swimming, scuba diving, board riding, and fishing – all this is at your disposal during the winter holidays.

    Make your winter holidays unforgettable and warm!


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