Tall Style Guide: Finding the Right Fit for You

    Are you a tall man? Have you been asked how the weather is up there? Been mistaken for a sasquatch sighting? Been told you have orangutan arms? 

    Life is already difficult as a tall man. People can say whatever they want about you, make their wisecracks, but they should never be able to make fun of the way you dress. 

    That’s why it’s important to ensure you find the right fitting clothes as a tall man. It may feel like no simple task, as department stores aren’t likely to have the sizes you need. But with a little searching and the right measurements, you can find clothes that perfectly fit your body, providing you with a wardrobe that will keep you looking slick at all times. From casual t-shirts for men to suit jackets and pants, here’s how you, as a tall man, can find clothes that fit you just right. 

    Know your measurements

    The first thing you should do is get yourself measured. While you can do this on your own, chances are you’ll get improper measurements – it’s difficult to measure your own arms, chest, neck and more. 

    Instead, it’s in your best interest to go and see a professional tailor. They’ll be able to measure the essentials on your body, all while being able to recommend what sizes and fits would be best on your body. This is especially true for any man 6’4” or taller, as most regular clothes will not fit your limbs. 

    And even if they don’t have specific thoughts on what sizes would best fit you, it will allow you to establish a relationship that could come in handy. Depending on your height and size, you may be better off buying clothes that are a little too big so you can have them tailored. That relationship is important when you need something tailored in a pinch or need the majority of your wardrobe tailored in one go. 

    Know your fit

    Once you know your measurements, you’ll want to start searching for your personal fit. The simplest place to start is by searching online. For instance, if you’re in the market for a maroon hoodie, you’ll be able to check a website’s sizing guide to see whether their hoodies are large enough to fit your body. 

    You’ll want to do your research, too, as all clothes manufacturers differ in one way or another – no two makers are the same. So while you may be a size XL with one company, a tall size L might fit better with another brand. 

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    Try in-store before you purchase online

    With dimensions and size in mind, you’ll also want to be sure you try out the clothes before committing. Your best bet is to try on clothes in person. 

    Why? While the dimensions of a shirt may fit, the shirt itself may not fit when you have it on. This may sound nitpicky, but it’s something you need to take into consideration: Just because a shirt “fits” doesn’t mean it will look flattering on your body. For example, a size XXL shirt may fit the length of your arms and body, but if you’re a skinny guy it’s bound to be far too large on your torso and chest. 

    While you could get the shirt tailored, it’s better to continue searching until you find something that naturally fits your body – or is as close as it gets to doing so. 

    Some simple rules of thumb for whether clothes fit are: 

    • The shoulder seams of shirts, jackets, and sweaters should align with the outside of your shoulders.
    • Long sleeves should rest at the end of your wrist (on both sides). 
    • The chest of a top should be close to your chest, but not too tight. 
    • Tops should sit comfortably over your torso and waist – they shouldn’t feel like they’re constricting you.
    • Pants should leave a little room around the waist – about an inch or so.
    • The end of pants legs should sit at the top of your foot and your ankle bone. 

    Look for pre-shrunk clothes

    Even once you’ve found clothes that fit, you should consider searching for clothes that are pre-shrunk. It might not sound like much, but it’s a good way to ensure those clothes don’t suddenly look like they were made for a child. 

    You’ve probably experienced this before: You find your favorite black pullover hoodie; you wear it non-stop; suddenly you wash it in hot water and accidentally throw it in the dryer; BOOM, that hoodie now looks comically small on your long torso and arms. 

    Save yourself the trouble and buy pre-shrunk when you can. 

    Utilize layers, colors and more

    After finding clothes that fit, your next best move is to consider how you can style your clothes and outfits. Style tips for tall men include:

    • Making the most of layers, as they’ll allow you to add depth to your body, which is great if you’re skinny and tall, as it will detract from how tall you are. 
    • Unique shoes will keep people from focusing on your height, as they’ll be more compelled to look at your feet. 
    • If you’re tall and heavier, vertically striped clothing and designs can do a lot, as they’ll help to thin out your body (especially when combined with darker colors). However, if you’re tall and thin, horizontally striped clothing can help to make you appear broader than you are. 
    • Wear contrasting colors, especially between your top and bottoms – not only is it distinguishing, but it allows you to buy and mix varying types of clothing (which can be a lifesaver, as it can be hard to find tall clothing that’s made in matching colors). 

    Finding clothes that fit, as a tall man, is no small feat (sorry for the pun). But it makes the search all worth it once you find clothes that fit your body. Suddenly, you’ve got clothes that you’re excited to wear, clothes that you enjoy wearing out in public. That’s something worth searching for.


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