Bonding with Your Partner at the Spa

    Spa treatments are usually part of the programs of top resorts across the globe. On Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, a couples massage is an ideal way to spend the day before enjoying a romantic dinner. There are many more benefits to a spa massage than being with someone you love.

    Studies have proven that spa treatments, massages, saunas, steam baths, and similar experiences can keep you at your physical and mental best—which is as good news for you as it is for your partner. Thus far, studies have shown that saunas can help prevent dementia and lower the risk of heart disease. Massage can relieve pain and tension as much as it can lower stress, while spa visits can be an effective way to deal with pain. If you are thinking of celebrating a romantic occasion with your partner at the spa, what type of treatment can help put you both in the mood for love?

    Opting for a Customized Facial Treatment

    If you currently have a beard or you are in the process of growing one, you may enjoy having a bespoke beard facial while your partner targets their own beauty needs by your side. A spa beard facial can include an array of stages, including the use of a high-frequency comb, and a massage that also involves pampering your beard with products such as  Vitamin B-rich oil cleanser, tonic, and rebalancing facial oil. Beard facials can also use masks to sweep away congested skin and leave your skin rejuvenated and luminous. Meanwhile, your partner can choose from an array of treatments you may also prefer to a beard facial.

    To customize a facial, your therapist will usually start off by cleaning and steaming your skin. They will then analyze your skin’s specific needs, apply an exfoliating mask, perform any extractions required and end with a personalized masque that can target issues like oiliness, wrinkles, acne, and dark spots.

    Balancing Energies with a Reflexology Foot Massage

    If you and your couple are on your feet a lot or you face stress regularly, a fun couples activity that enables you to chat while you are pampered and preened is a reflexology foot massage. Reflexology differs from a usual foot massage in that it involves targeting different organs and systems in your body by applying pressure to targeted areas of your foot. The idea is to clear blocked energy in your body, eliminate toxins, strengthen your immunity, enhance healing, and balance your physical and mental energy. Studies have shown that reflexology significantly improves depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances, so it is an ideal way to get into a mindful mood that will enable you and your partner to be fully present for each other.

    Wonderful Watsu Therapy

    If you are ready to open up in front of your partner and bear your most vulnerable side, Watsu therapy (which is performed in water) is an ideal treatment that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. In Watsu, you lie on your back, floating in warm water, while your therapist moves you through the water, performing stretches, massage, and acupressure. Watsu is used for a variety of purposes, including stress, pain, and discomfort. Described by some as feeling like “being reborn,” it involves surrendering control of your body to your therapist. As you lie down and close your eyes and they gently stretch your body and swirl you through the water, it can indeed feel like you are in your mother’s womb once again. Most people say the result is a state of deep relaxation and emotional fulfillment. 

    If you want to surprise your loved one with a fun day out together, why not opt for a spa visit? You have a wide range of treatments to choose from, ranging from sauna visits to bespoke facials, and foot massages. You can also feel like water babies together with Watsu, a special water therapy that combines the benefits of water and shiatsu.


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