Best Man Duties: Bachelor Party 101

    If you’re the best man, you probably know that you have a variety of duties. Although you can help with the planning of the actual event, your primary concern may be the bachelor party. This is a time for the groomsmen to get together and celebrate his singleness one last time.

    How exactly do you go about planning a bachelor party? These are a few of the things to know.

    Pick the Stag Date and Basic Event

    Bachelor parties aren’t the typical one evening party today. They can be a single night but many times, they span a weekend or even a few days. Some grooms and their bachelor party rent a house or cabin and take some time to let loose.

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    This doesn’t mean that you have to go all out, but talk to the groom and the other groomsmen about what you want to do and also the time. Try to pick a time when all or most of them will be able to attend. If you’re only going to have a single night, make sure to get a good party venue so that everything goes smoothly. Plan the party well in advance if you can to make it easier.

    Decide on a Budget

    Once again, bachelor parties can be modest or extravagant. If you’re all pitching in, then you should decide on a basic budget and stick to it. Make sure to coordinate with the other attendees before making any reservations or major plans, especially any non-refundable ones.

    The event certainly doesn’t have to be extravagant, and you can save some cash by planning the event off-season. Once again, planning well in advance will help you to find better deals.

    Know Any Boundaries

    Some bachelor parties can be a little wild and crazy while others may be more tame. Before you make any major decisions regarding activities or entertainment, talk to the groom and see what he prefers to do.

    man with VR headset
    Simple activities such as paint balling, outdoor gaming and adventure days are low key and easy to plan

    If he’d like to have a low key event, don’t plan a raucous party but instead look at some bachelor party games. Sometimes, a quiet evening with the guys planning video games can be a great party without any bells and whistles.

    Assign Groomsmen with Specific Tasks

    When you actually start to get into the nitty-gritty of the event, you may need people to bring drinks or food, be responsible for driving, and handling any of the other tasks that go into the bachelor party. Develop a list of tasks and then assign them to the people attending.

    Don’t give any one person too much to do but this will help you coordinate the event without doing all of the work yourself. If you can, allow the groomsmen to pick out what they’d like to do and you’ll probably have an easier time.

    Finally, make sure that you remember to have fun at the party. It can seem stressful to plan a bachelor party but it certainly doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and coordination, you can throw a great party that the groom and friends will love. Make sure that you take advantage of these tips for the best event possible.


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