Beginner’s Guide to Workout Supplements

    No matter if you want to improve your athletic performance or just boost your health, supplements can be a wonderful addition to your life. They can help you realize your potential and allow you to reach your fitness goals in the quickest ways possible.

    However, there are so many different products on the market that can overwhelm even a seasoned gym-goer. –There is a varied array of tried and true natural solutions to enhance your training performance out there. But you also have the not so known options, like beta-alanine, which is a go-to ingredient to build better muscle, faster. And many professionals consider it a smart choice to supplement your workouts. If you’re still unsure what workout supplement is best to support your fitness journey, answer Cellucor’s pre-workout quiz to get a custom program of pre-workout supplements that can help you step up your workout game and reach your fitness goals.


    This is the first choice of supplements for both beginners and seasoned gym enthusiasts. Rule 1 Protein Powder is a great addition to your diet that will get you that extra push you need and allow you to reach your fitness goals. However, don’t go all out and start loading up on protein if you’re a total beginner. Your safest bet is to grab a protein shake in the morning, have one before your workout and one later in the day to balance your daily intake. The unwritten rule is to take about 0,8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight (an 80-kilogram person should take 64 grams of protein a day). An experienced personal trainer or a nutritionist can help you with your dosage and give you great advice on protein. But, all in all, this supplement is the staple of great athletic performance.  


    One of the most effective supplements on the market is definitely creatine. It can increase your muscle mass as well as your muscle strength, so it’s great no matter what your goal is. Being a critical energy component, creatine also gives your muscles a quick source of energy you need to pull off that last rep at the gym. The best way to take creatine is to add 1 to 5 grams to your pre-workout and post-workout protein shake for great muscle growth and strength results.


    The branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) or BCAAs also yield amazing results. Leucine, one of the most important amino acids, is responsible for muscle growth because it boosts muscle-protein synthesis and spikes your insulin levels that help creatine, glucose and amino acids reach your muscles. This allows you to train harder, experience less fatigue and maximize your results.

    Today you can find these BCAAs in various pre or post workout supplements. Just add them to water and you’ll get an excellent workout drink that will fill you with energy while also ensuring proper hydration. They can be used in the morning, before, during and after a workout.


    This item on the list might come as a surprise, but caffeine is a great addition to your supplement cupboard. It isn’t just great for waking you up in the morning and keeping your head clear at work, but it can also be used as an effective workout supplement. Both in drink and pill form, caffeine is a powerful stimulant that will minimize fatigue and maximize alertness.

    However, caffeine has its bad sides as well. It can cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it (usually headaches) and can disrupt your sleep. So make sure to limit your intake and avoid caffeine and caffeinated drinks after 6 pm.


    If you’re a fan of clean and organic life, you might want to add a few superfoods to your diet. These ingredients will mix well with all types of other supplements you take and boost your performance even further. Popular superfoods like mushroom tea, CBD oil and even turmeric can be used to battle various health issues, but are especially beneficial for inflammations caused by working out.

    From protein to caffeine and superfoods, supplements can really help you boost your performance and improve your look, health and strength. So, if you feel like you can benefit from them, try to include them in your diet and see how you feel. You’ll likely experience great results.  


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