7 Tips For Easy House Cleaning

    Do you need tips on how to easily clean your home? With our 7 cleaning secrets, you can easily put your things in order and keep order for a long time. Check out our life hacks and learn how to clean properly. Make your daily life a little easier.

    1. Before cleaning: Take a garbage bag, a cleaning cloth, and an empty laundry basket

    What to do first: Start by throwing all the rubbish in sight in the rubbish bag, collect all the dirty things in the room in the laundry basket, and wipe all the surfaces. Now your house is already tidy. If you are in for difficult tasks like window washing or carpet cleaning Spokane, it is reasonable to address a cleaning service that will save your time and money.

    2. Start by cleaning all surfaces

    Clean everything in turns – try not to put things that should not be in the room on a clean surface! If you do not yet know where something should be, put it on the bed/sofa, then put it in place.

    3. Organize by category, not by room

    Start with the lightest categories, then work on the hardest. For example, start with clothes and books and leave the boxes with old postcards that needed to be disassembled 5 years ago for later.

    4. Sort by three categories

    An important part of organizing space is to part with things you no longer use or need. Sort things you don’t need into 3 categories: “To throw away”, “To give away for recycling/charity”, and “To sell”.

    5. It’s best to focus on your favorite things

    Browse the drawers/closets and choose the things you like and use regularly. Other things should be sorted out as it is described in step four. It’s much harder to choose things to get rid of than to choose things you can’t live without.

    6. Do not leave the house without a critical scan

    In other words, clean regularly. This may seem obvious but it always works! Make it a habit to never leave a room in chaos – just think about how many items you clean/rearrange each day!

    7. Follow the rules of 80/20 – 80% cleanliness and 20% clutter

    You should agree with the fact that 80% of your home will be neat and clean and 20% of the space will always be imperfect. If we allow ourselves a little chaos, because we cannot clean all our free time, then over time, cleaning will take less time and thought.

    Additional Sorting Tips

    We hope that you will be able to take advantage of our tips when you clean your home and that they will make your life easier. If you’ve read this far, you’re in luck, because we have three bonus tips.

    Tip 1: Turn the hangers in another direction

    If you need to tidy up your closet but you find it difficult to part with clothes, this secret is perfect for you. Start by turning all the hangers in your wardrobe in the other direction. For example, on this day you hung all the hangers with a hook forward. For two weeks, every time you use clothes from the hanger, turn it to the other side. Look at the hangers after two weeks and count how many are turned incorrectly. This is an easy and very effective way to see how much clothing you use on a regular basis. Sell ​​or give away things you don’t wear.

    Tip 2: Buy a basket for clean clothes

    This tip is for those of you whose bedroom regularly resembles an explosion. Do you try on 4-5 outfits in the morning, choose one and drop the others on a chair or bed? Use the laundry basket only for clean clothes that do not suit you. That way, you don’t have to pack up when you’re in a hurry in the morning.

    Tip 3: Create sets

    Critically inspect the closet, sort out unnecessary and old things, and clothes of the wrong size. Choose the basic things that match the work dress code, casual wear, and a few evening options. Make outfits for the week ahead. Iron them in advance and hang the sets on separate hangers. This will not only organize your closet but also give you an extra 10 minutes in the morning to sleep.


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