5 Reasons Why Melbourne is a Perfect Bachelor Party Destination

    There’s something about a bachelor night that sets it apart from every other night out with your buddies. It’s presumably because you’ll get to marry the person you love later, but first, you’ll have your “final night as a bachelor.” Melbourne is an ideal bachelor party destination, whether you’re the one getting married or simply a member of the entourage. We’ll suggest a few things you can do in Melbourne which will be the perfect reason to visit Melbourne for this occasion. It’s up to you to persuade your friends that Melbourne is a fantastic bachelor party location, and we’ll help you with that. 

    You can go on a cruise and play poker afterwards

    If your entourage loves lavish things and doesn’t get seasick, plan out a cruise. You can drink on the deck while taking in the beautiful Melbourne scenery. You’ll have fun, take great photos and maybe even get a bit wet. These tours last a few hours and can happen during the day and night. So pick your sailor’s outfit and get a captain’s hat for the bachelor. It can be a great intro for the second part of the bachelor’s night – playing poker. 

    Let’s be honest, women hate when men gamble. Even though stakes are never high and it’s always fun, you might have to hide the fact that you and your boys have a regular poker night. This can be another reason to enjoy your “last” poker night with the lads. But, this one will be a bit different. There will be waitresses dressed up for the occasion, or even topless, it all depends on the party package. 

    Adrenaline lovers can have fun at a go-karting track

    This can be an activity you’ll do before you go on a pub crawl or drinking in general. If you and your guys enjoy adrenaline rides, give go-karting a try. Every go-karting track is different, so this one will be equally fun even if you’re a pro at go-karting. There are several go-karting tracks in Melbourne to choose from and none of them will be less than amazing.

    Pub crawls are a thing

    Well…there’s nothing wrong with going for the good old hangover in Melbourne for your bachelor party. You can hop on a pub crawl tour or two, back to back and visit beautiful pubs, breweries, wineries and clubs. You can go beer tasting, wine tasting and even whiskey tasting. If you want to start day drinking, hop on a brewery tour in Melbourne. It can be a slow start but a great one especially if you have other pub crawls lined up after this one. Melbourne is known for its guided pub crawls so you shouldn’t miss the Hidden Bar Tour, Hidden Bars & Scary Tales tour or other specialty bat tours. 

    The variety of nighttime delights

    Melbourne is known for its variety of nighttime delights, from strip clubs to brothels. You can easily find a Melbourne brothel that is just to your liking or what you’ve always dreamed a brothel would be. Let your entourage know about your plan to visit a strip club or a brothel, so you’ll select some of the most famous ones. 

    If you want to compete in axe throwing, Melbourne is the right spot

    Now, if your friends love to compete against each other, pick an activity none of you has tried before. This means that all of you stand equal chances against the other. We’ll guess that you’ve never had a chance to try axe throwing, and if you find yourself celebrating a bachelor’s party in Melbourne, don’t miss out on this. Axe throwing lasts a couple of hours and you’ll get instructions before you get to test your axe hurling skills. You’ll definitely laugh a lot and even be sore afterwards.

    Each one of these five activities are five different reasons to celebrate a bachelor’s party in Melbourne. You’ll have a few stories to tell and maybe even return for the activities you didn’t have time for.


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