Travel the World by Teaching English

    Are you taking part in the ‘great resignation’, leaving your secure yet oh-so-repetitive job for a life of travels and adventures? Or are you taking the plunge amidst the discovery of a new you? After all, it’s never too late to learn new skills and reinvent yourself. 

    Whatever the reason, long-term travel is one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences that anyone can sample. But while there are many jobs out there that you can do while travelling, teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) abroad adds an extra layer of excitement to your physical and professional journey, giving it a true sense of purpose.

    After obtaining your TEFL qualification, one of the hardest decisions you have to make is where to go. Depending on your preference and the county’s requirements, the world is your oyster. Perhaps one of these options takes your fancy?

    1. Costa Rica

    While life here is not as cheap as in other Central American countries, your salary as an english tutor can go a long way if you avoid any extravagant expenses. In recent years, this country has been rated one of the most fascinating to visit, and rightly so. With its magical landscape and unique lifestyle, you’ll rediscover the pleasure of living in the present, appreciating every single moment in the incredible surroundings that Costa Rica has to offer. 

    When thinking about teaching roles, do your research before leaving your home country, but save your energies for job applications and interviews for when you get there. Take hard copies of your CV with you and hand them over in person at the schools you would like to work at. Online applications and remote interviews are quite uncommon in Costa Rica.

    2. Thailand

    If you plan to cover as many countries as you can while you’re there, consider Thailand. Its central location in Southeast Asia is a convenient gateway to many other countries, like Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Cambodia. Let’s not forget, however, how much Thailand has to offer

    Thailand has three seasons which range from rainy to dry, which will allow you to experience this tropical country to the fullest, from its vast flats to the peaks of the highlands, from the river valley to the beautiful sandy beaches.

    The cost of living here is extremely affordable, and teachers’ salaries are well above the national average. Moreover, many language schools offer housing and flight allowances. All this makes it understandably attractive to teach English in Thailand.

    3. Sri Lanka

    Alternatively, you might prefer a destination that is off the beaten track. Perhaps, you’re after somewhere unspoiled that offers a whole new world to explore. Sri Lanka gives you just that.

    You can travel around this country on a budget if you plan it carefully, and it’s well worth trying out some extreme sports like para-cycling. You’ll always have plenty of opportunities to relax on one of the many golden beaches available somewhere in the country, whatever the weather.

    Since the beginning of its educational campaign, Sri Lanka has put an emphasis on English language learning. This has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for English teachers. As a result, securing a teaching role in this country shouldn’t be too arduous, with the right qualifications.

    4. Czech Republic

    This is another country that, with its central-European location, allows you to visit many neighbouring countries, like Poland, Austria, and Germany. The Czech Republic is blessed with the four seasons, which are ideal to dive into the different activities that it has to offer. While there’s no sea in sight, this country has incredible landscapes in the countryside. Living in Prague, the capital, will never bore you. From cultural visits to nights out, from evening walks by the river to shopping trips in modern centres, you can have it all!

    Finding a teaching job, especially in the bigger cities like Brno, Poznan, and Prague, isn’t difficult. Many schools train their future teachers on-site, which saves you a lot of hassle. Keep in mind that you’re likely to teach corporate clients, therefore you’ll have to travel to their company offices. Fear not – the public transport is reliable and efficient.

    Travelling the world is within reach

    Leaving your daily routine can be exciting but scary at the same time. Take a deep breath, think about what impact you want to make in society and embrace your new travelling and professional adventure like a true gentleman!



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