Fashion 101: Stylish Clothes You Can Wear at Work

    Everyone wants to look their absolute best when they go to work. It’s the place you see people on a daily basis, meet clients and need to look presentable without always having to look too formal. So how do you make your fashion taste and sense of style stand out? 

    If you’re looking to get to the bottom of it, here are the fashion basics you should have to make sure you’re stylish and trendy, but still suitable for work. 


    It’s not always weather-appropriate to put on a suit, and sometimes it just makes you feel too restricted, too formal and a little too boring. So how can you overcome that and still look classy? That’s where an over vest comes in. One of the best things about these vests is that they give you character and style without looking too over the top.

    With many different fabrics, colors and patterns available, you can choose something that matches your sense of style, making you still look chic without compromising on style, and the best part is that they look great on both men and women alike.

    Forget about always having to suit up and feel so stiff, wear an over vest, be comfortable, and choose the style that fits your character best. 

    Plaid pants 

    Whether you’re looking for something formal or casual, you’ll find that plaid pants are really easy to dress up or dress down, making them a perfect option for work. They can be worn as part of a suit with a very small pattern, or can be worn with a plain blazer making them look smart-casual or even in an Oxford shirt to look super cool.

    Depending on your work environment, who you’ll be meeting with and how formal you need to look, you can choose the look that is most appropriate. But it’s always a great option to have a pair of plaid plants to give you the different options without looking plain and boring. 

    Pencil Skirt (for the women)

    Want to look cute, stylish and awfully trendy at work without overdoing it? Here’s where a pencil skirt will come in handy. You can match it with a blazer and shirt, or tuck a blouse in and you’ll look extremely presentable, turning heads without looking too over the top. Because a pencil skirt is fitted and high waisted, it adds so much femininity to it that makes it look very stylish and appealing. 

    Classic shoes 

    When it comes to shoes, they’re one of the first things people tend to notice and can tell a whole lot about your style. Lately, one of the coolest trends that has been catching on like fire, is wearing a white pair of sneakers with a classic suit for men.

    They make a person look super cool, but also tres chic and shows how they’re willing to follow the fashion trends. However, it is essential to check that this form of attire will be understood in your workplace instead of making you feel out of place. There’s always something so eye-catchy about a clean white pair of sneakers, but when worn with a suit, they really stand out.

    Having all these shoes as part of your work-wardrobe will really help you up your game, stand out and give you the ability to dress things up or down by mixing and matching between different shoe styles.

    As for women, while high heels always add elegance and femininity to any attire, in order to be comfortable and still look trendy and fashionable, the perfect pair of shoes would be platforms or wedges to give you that extra height that straightens out your figure, but still adds a bit of comfort with a wedge making it easy to walk around without harming your back or feet. 

    White shirt

    You can never go wrong with a white shirt at work. It’s an essential work-item for both men and women as it matches all kinds of styles, can be used to dress up or dress down the rest of the attire and can be tucked in, tucked out, worn with a leather jacket or as part of a suit making it the multi-functional item of clothing. 

    The idea of looking like a carbon copy of all the other people in your office just to look formal is so old-school. With work-fashion catching on, there are so many slight changes you can make to your appearance to be able to stand out and really show your sense of style.

    Just be sure that you stick to the rules of your office in order to always feel comfortable and make your appearance be something to be proud of instead of something to get you in trouble. 


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