10 Practical Tips to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

    At several points in a man’s life, he’ll find himself questioning how he can increase his sexual stamina and keep the passion alive in his relationship.

    What is sexual stamina? In short, it’s the ability to last longer in bed – usually with the intention of making sure your partner has a satisfying experience prior to your fiery finish.

    The average man lasts between 3 and 10 minutes, while a survey of sex therapists describe the ideal time for sex to be between 7 to 13 minutes – so in theory, most people seem to be in the right ballpark. You could also look to try different products like Extenze to boost your stamina. However, every couple’s wants and desires are different, so if you find yourself wanting to last longer, we’ve got you covered.

    We’ve compiled a list of ten different ways you can boost your sexual stamina to make sure your partner gets to O-town before you do.

    Manage Your Stress

    If you have an overly stressful life filled with constant deadlines, perpetual rushing and recurring anxiety, this is probably going to take a toll on your performance between the sheets. Stress can translate to lower testosterone levels, a lower sex drive and weaker erections.

    While you probably won’t be able to eliminate stress entirely from your life, you can find ways to make it more manageable in your life. Make sure you’re prioritizing things that make you feel happy and relaxed, such as a hobby, personal time or socializing.

    Sleep More

    A good night’s sleep is imperative for your physical health, which includes your sexual health. If you want to boost your stamina, getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night can help. You’ll be more rested, therefore have increased energy, improved libido and a higher sex drive.

    Get More Active

    You don’t need to be an Olympian to have fantastic stamina – although, being in great physical shape can help you increase your sexual performance. Even just a few minutes of cardio a day, or 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can do wonders in improving your stamina.

    Another great way to be active would be to practice yoga. Yoga helps with decreasing stress levels and can even help men who struggle with premature ejaculation to learn and extend their holding power. Taking Priligy is another effective and well-known way to overcome premature ejaculation.

    Involve Your Partner

    Sex should never be a one-way street. By communicating with your partner, you’ll be able to feel more safe and relaxed, which in turn will help with your performance. You may also be surprised to find out that your stamina isn’t an issue for them, and that it was all in your head.

    If your partner is on board, there are a few sex positions that logistically help you last longer and build up stamina. To put things simply, anything that involves more grinding and back and forth motion helps slow down the process, while more friction and in-and-out speeds it up. The main idea is to avoid anything that makes it easy to go fast and deep, like doggy style. Cowgirl can help, since your partner can take the reins on rhythm and depth, and you won’t be able to penetrate as vigorously as in other positions.

    Due to the extra focus and energy spent on balance and precision, experimenting with tiring and tricky positions can also be a great way to delay your orgasm.

    Get Some Sun

    Low vitamin D levels have been associated with lower levels of testosterone, while sun exposure has been proven to lead to increased libido. Even 15-30 minutes a day of getting outside or taking a vitamin D supplement can boost your stamina and performance.

    Regular Masturbation

    Just like any other skill, your stamina can be improved by ongoing practice – that’s right, masturbation. Not only is it a great way to blow off steam and reduce anxiety and stress, but practicing in the same way you plan to have sex is key. If your partner has a vagina, you should practice masturbating with a toy to simulate the real deal – something like a pocket pussy is great for that. Most pocket pussies are realistic, with tight and ribbed inner textures that feel fantastic – if you don’t know where to start, consult this guide.

    See a Doctor

    If nothing you’ve tried has worked, you may want to consider seeing a doctor to ensure there aren’t any underlying medical issues that could be causing your decreased stamina. Sometimes, your inability to last longer can be because of a hormonal imbalance, a cardiovascular disease, or even depression. In any of these cases, it’s important to seek out professional help.

    Women can also experience sexual problems, such as painful sex. This can make sexual intimacy downright unpleasant for them and cause them to reject your advances. The good news is that there are viable treatment options for painful sex, such as dilation therapy using vaginal trainers

    Similarly, common sexual problems in men also have treatments that can restore sexual function and build stamina. Consulting your doctor is the first step to being okay. Seeking support and working with your partner will also make the treatment easier for you and them.

    Don’t Skip the Foreplay

    Helping your partner reach their orgasm first is a great way to increase stamina. Take your time with foreplay – use a toy, your hands, your mouth, or all three, and focus on clitoral or prostate stimulation until they reach their coveted finish.

    Knowing that your partner has already reached orgasm will take some pressure off, and the relaxation can also help you last longer. When engaging in foreplay, try not to go directly from your partner giving you a blow job into penetrative sex. Instead, try and break the foreplay up – go from kissing, to pleasuring them with your hands, to receiving a blow job, to then giving them oral, followed by penetrative sex. By breaking up your stimulation, you’re giving yourself more time to cool down, and in turn, boost stamina.

    Practice Edging

    Along the lines of masturbation, another way to get better stamina is to practice edging, either alone or with your partner. Edging involves bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm, stopping right before you do, and then repeating this pattern. Edging is great because it not only allows you to delay your orgasm, but it also makes your orgasms a lot more intense.

    Eat Right

    Eating healthy isn’t just about looking your best, but also about feeling your best. A good diet impacts most of your bodily functions, including sexual health. A strong diet filled with seafood, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, walnuts and whole grains decreases the likelihood and of erectile dysfunction. Nutrients filled with Omega-3, potassium, vitamin B are great for balancing sex hormones and boosting stamina.

    Even though a glass of wine can be good for you, and a beer or two won’t hurt, over-drinking can take a toll on your health, and your sexual performance. In addition to decreased sexual function, it also prolongs refractory time.

    We hope these tips and tricks are helpful, but keep in mind that the most important thing in a sexual experience should be the shared connection between you and your partner – stamina is just the cherry on top.


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