Red Anchor Supply Company Review

    Red Anchor Supply Company has produced a fine looking mens grooming product line. We took a look at some of their most popular products that are available. From the initial impressions created by the clean and crisp design and logo to the scent infusions created by their two choices.

    So who are Red Anchor Supply Company ?


    Located in the heart of England they have a clear goal to create quality male grooming products, but so many claim this what makes them so unique ?

    It could be their finest natural oils they use or the tried and tested what works for the customer works for us, thats right Red Anchor Supply Company certainly have done their market research and listened to what the public want.


    One interesting fact is Red Anchor Supply Company cold press their natural oils on site through a combination of grinding and applying low heat, but it’s not limited to the internal structure of their products one other string to Red Anchor Supply Company’s bow is in their packaging and design.

    Red Anchor Supply Company use a pump dispenser on their beard wash and shower gel but for their beard oil / shave oil and post shave balm a clip cap that means you squeeze the desired amount into your palm and retain the remainder within the bottle thus reducing mess and waste.

    Sea breeze & Sandelwood

    They have covered almost all of the bearded mans needs (I say almost all because Red Anchor Supply Company allow shaving into their line up), however this could always be used to clean up a trimmed beard or even for those more adventures could help in any journey south bound.

    This is the line up and links, I suggest taking a visit to look for yourself.


    Red Anchor Supply Company is a fairly young company but already gaining a positive amount of feedback, take a look at a couple of these.


    “So if you’re shaving every day, paying too much for mediocre products to end up with a rash under your chin, I genuinely recommend trying out Red Anchor… they’ve made a loyal customer out of me.”


    “Red Anchor Supply Co came to me a few months ago and asked if I would trial their products, and I loved them straight away. Clients always say they can feel the 100% natural shave oil working on their skin instantly, the range is so good I wont use anything else. For great products at a great price it is really worth the investment. “

    You can buy some of their range  by clicking here


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