Bobo’s Beard Company

    We take a closer look at Bobo’s beard company, we paid their offices a visit. Be sure to check out the video of MrBeardyDan who spoke to one of the founders.

    Bobo’s Beard Company was founded six months ago by two visionary bearded buddies who have shared a long term friendship and successful business partnership.

    Rustic Warehouse (Bobo’s sister company) has long been established as a pioneer in supplying bespoke rustic kitchens, funky up-cycled furniture and vintage wares. The joining of both companies may have seemed a little unorthodox at first, however the two companies have married together well and some interesting opportunities have already found their way to our headquarters.


    Rewind eighteen months… The two of us decided that we would embark on a fund-raising challenge for Cancer Research UK by growing our beards for a year (a yeard); the charity is one close to our hearts and thought it a worthy cause.

    The year flew by along with our beards and before we knew it we were fully fledged bearded men, the attachment and fondness of our beards left us feeling reluctant to shave off our hard-earned gains and the desire to nurture and tend to our new formed manliness became a new and exciting prospect.

    As our bearded journey progressed so did our journey to find the perfect products, fed up with buying over priced products with second-rate ingredients, the idea to blend our own oils and waxes became the forefront of our minds.

    After much researching and testing it was decided that Moroccan Argan Oil would form the base of our beard oils due to it’s softening and repairing effects, being 100% natural and containing high concentrates of fatty acids and vitamin e the results were outstanding.

    Although Argan oil was not the cheapest product on the market our ethos was to provide a good quality product at an affordable price and that’s what we hope we have achieve!.d and this will continue to be our vision as the business grows (like our beards).

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    Creating a beautiful artisan product required some innovative and eye-catching branding, having worked with Ocean Remix (a local business) for some time now there was no doubt that they shared our vision and went about creating our distinctive vintage strongman circus theme. The packaging and branding have made us firm contenders in a very competitive market and has formed an impressive backdrop to our website and social media pages.

    It was always part of our plan to find a Bobo’s ambassador and from the start there was only man we had in mind, after mulling it over for some time we finally took a leap of faith and sent the email, but to be honest we were not expecting to get any response. To our delight we got a reply and the wheels were then set in motion to arrange a meet and discuss the future of Bobo’s with our new front man.

    Eddie Hall
    Eddie Hall

    The man in question is Eddie Hall, Britain’s strongest man and world record holder, he is everything that our brand represents — big, strong, British, proud and one of the nicest men you could meet with a lovely wife and family.

    Our brand has certainly attracted some interesting, fun and like-minded people and we love looking through the daily selfies that get uploaded to Instagram for us.

    We also have a growing list of stockists who sell our products up and down the country in trendy barber shops and pop up facilities (get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a stockist). September will see us showcase in GQ magazine which is another milestone that we are absolutely thrilled about.

    We have recently started our own line of merchandise which includes tee’s, hats and mugs and have already been a huge hit, there’s plenty more plans in the pipeline too, so watch this space.


    With Rustic Warehouse as our sister company we have been fortunate enough to provide barbers with furniture to deck out their shops and set up pop up facilities for outdoor events like festivals and weddings.

    These products are available to buy/hire from us and can be found at our show room and at our website.


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