Mariner Jack – Cargo Beard Oil And Balm Review

    Our friend Steve Boulding recently received some Cargo Beard Oil and Balm from Mariner Jack. Read his review on these two premium smelling products below.

    I was asked to do this review on behalf of TheBeardMag on Mariner Jack Cargo oil and balm. Mariner Jack is a small company from Truro in Cornwall run by man and wife team Dave and Nat.

    Dan originally created Mariner Jack for his own benefit but then realised it was too good to keep for himself, thus releasing it to the general public. I found out a lot about Mariner Jack on their Twitter page @MarinerJackUK, a specific % of any sales goes to charity #goodbeard which is a very nice touch – the little personal notes that make this company so well like by the bearded family.

    I will start from the beginning – I started following them through their Twitter page which links through to their site. They have a very useful and simple layout, I was asked to promote their combo back which consists of 10ml Beard Oil and Beard Balm.

    They have lots of scents to choose from but for the purpose of this review, I will focus on their cargo scent. Cargo: Exotic sandalwood is the main contributor here, toned down with subtle notes of bergamot to give a sweet, musky scent – (it’s one of their best sellers). Each package has a personal card inside reading “thanks for purchase #jointhecrew”, you also receive a sticker of the Mariner Jack logo, as well as your products gently nestled in some shredded wood.

    Mariner Jack
    Mariner Jack Combo Pack

    I open the oil first and the smell gently reached my nostrils filling my senses with a lovely aroma of sandalwood and bergamot, exactly what it says on the tin! I’m also happy that it’s comes with a pipet so you just get the right amount on your palms – no time wasting which makes it more value for money. As the grooming guide suggests, it is always best to apply oil in the morning – when this time finally arrives, I quickly jump in the shower to dampen my beard and give it wipe with my towel.

    One of the biggest issues that I have is whether to use the oil or the balm, on this occasion I chose the balm – a lovely consistency which is easy to work in to the palms and fingers. I start to rub it in to my beard the same as I would with the oil – it has strong manly scent, you can tell that only the best ingredients have been used to make this combo pack. The balm is one of the best smelling on the market, you can still smell the fresh aromas hours after you have applied it.

    Mariner Jack Beard Oil
    Mariner Jack Beard Oil

    With me working outside and being in all types of weather whilst conducting this review, I feel that I have put these products through the elements. They definitely kept my beard soft and smelling great throughout the day, the premium qualities definitely shone through.

    When I was testing these products, the people closest to me said they could see a difference in my beard – saying it’s grown and looks a lot fuller, it allowed me to shape my beard and keep it in place. I was very happy with this product and I am an advocate for the brand. They do sell more than just oils and balms, you can buy Tee shirts, hoodies, Beanie hats and gift cards – all at great prices. I would say that if you are looking for a premium brand, Mariner Jack offer some of the best products in the market and the balm and oil are proudly sat on my shelf.

    You can buy some of their Cargo Beard Oil and Balm by clicking here

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