We caught up with the muscular bearded weatherman and documentary presenter Deric Hartigan.

Can you try to give our readers a bit of a background on yourself, a quick spill about things you are into?

I’m an Irish TV weatherman and documentary presenter with the TV3 Network in Dublin. I’ve just recently come back from Calcutta, India where I produced and presented a factual real-life documentary entitled; The Real Slum Dogs-Journey of Hope. It was a very tough trip with the Hope Foundation but it was an amazing experience and a great journey of learning and self-discovery.

I’m also working on a new outdoor and action adventure series called ‘Daredevil’ which will be jam-packed with adrenalin fuelled sports and activities; as an adventure racer and triathlete myself…it’s definitely my forte!

We can see that you are a weather man? How did you get into this?

I’m presenting weather for over six years now. Having worked at TV3 nearly 10 years, both in front of camera and behind the scenes on different shows and productions; I’m not an overnight success! It takes time, persistence and a lot of hard work.

Social media plays a huge part in communicating information to the general public and I’ve got a very interactive set of bearded fans & pogonophiles aka beard lovers from around the world following my Twitter & Instagram updates.

Have you always been presenting with a beard?

No! I only started growing my beard last November when I turned 33. I’m quite fresh faced for my age and people automatically assume I’m a lot younger than I actually am. I thought it was time for a change and beards are very on-trend at the moment.  I like to theme my new ‘gentleman look’ with some slick fashionable threads from Neon Menswear, St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

We see you are quite the athlete! Have you always been into fitness?

Not always. I had a health-related scare in my mid-twenties, so that spurred me into action big time. I’m now big into triathlons and adventure racing. I’m a sponsored athlete with USN Ireland as well as clothing brand ambassador for Aropec Sports.

I’ve entered some really great ones this year including the Lough Cutra Triathlon in Galway this 24th of May as well as the London Triathlon Olympic distance on the 8th August.  I’m also got a big passion of kitesurfing with the Pure Magic crew and I’ve recently taken up snowboarding; so I’m always on the go leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

In addition, I train 5/6 times per week in the gym. It’s now more of an addiction than a lifestyle choice.

Do you think beards with muscles are the next ‘big thing’?

Definitely! I think it has become a whole online movement. Facial hair factor has become the latest phenomenon with beard-offs, rankings and ratings continually taking place online. From the rise of the ‘lumbersexual’ to the demise of the clean-cut crew; a whole new generation of so-called ‘real men’ has been spawned in 2015, especially through the use of social media.

Can you try to take us through your daily routine when it comes to beard care? Do you use products like oils and waxes? Do you have any specific brands that you prefer?

Appearance and presentation are both equally important to me especially working in television; so I like to use beard balm, waxes and oils to keep my beard clean and conditioned.

At the moment I’m using products from both The Breaking Beard & The Beardy Beard; two home-grown Irish companies from both Dublin and Belfast who have recently set up and are now thriving in the re-birth of the beard using handcrafted and natural ingredients in their products.

Do you trim and maintain your facial hair on your own, or do you only let your barber handle it? Who is your ‘go to’ guy for trimming and maintenance?

If I have a special occasion or need a trim and tidy; I head to Davey Davey’s on 24 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2 who are experts in their field with trimming, shaping and general male grooming.  It’s important to shape and groom your beard as it can get out of hand and unsightly.

There’s so many styles but I also recommend trimming the neckline, upper cheeks and moustache lip. The one thing you really need is…patience! Shaving will never make it grow faster! Basically, it’s down to genetics and most definitely takes time to grow the perfect beard!

If there was one bearded product you could not live without, what would it be and why?

I love using balm on my beard and think it’s an essential grooming product for every guy with facial fuzz as it keeps the beard conditioned and smelling fresh. I’m using a clove infused one at the moment and it smells of Christmas every day! It softens the beard and makes me more kissable!

Lastly, who are your favourite bearded men?

I’m pals with UK menswear model & lifestyle blogger Chris John Millington who sports a great manly beard; also I’m a big fan of Eric Bandholz from Texas, Joel Alexander in NYC and blond bearded bro Ben Dahlhaus from Sweden.

Social Media

Instagram – www.instagram.com/deric_hartigantv
Twitter – www.twitter.com/deric_hartigan

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