Common Bearded Questions

    When you’ve got a beard, you need to get used to people asking you about it. We have compiled a list of some of these most common bearded questions they ask.

    Listen up, readers. There’s a lot that those of us without facial hair just can’t fathom about those who do. We’ve compiled some questions for you to answer us, just leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

    1. Do you get food stuck in your beard a lot? Is it awkward? What’s social protocol for getting it out? Can you keep food in there? This guy did.

    2. Do you wash your beard like you wash your hair? Do you think you should? Does your beard get greasy like your hair does?

    3. Do you have beard grooming rituals like how some women wear curlers to bed? Do you wear, like, beard nets?

    4. Have you ever plaited your beard or considered dreadlocking it? (We know the answer is yes. Don’t lie.)

    5. Does your beard get itchy? Do you get beard rash?

    6. How often do you find yourself justifying your facial hair to complete strangers?

    7. Do you have to tie it up when swimming? Does it get in your eyes?

    8. Are you secretly jealous of those who highlight, dip dye and/or style their facial hair?

    9. Has anyone flat out refused to kiss you because of your beard or moustache? What happened next?

    10. Most serious question last: is your beard a fire hazard? Should you stick health and safety signs on your clothes? Have you ever lit a cigarette and regretted it?

    We need to know. Thanks.


    1. 1. not a lot, but yes, it’s awkward when it happen. after every breakfast at work I go on toilet to check if I don’t have any crumbs in beard. on the lunch, I just try to eat carefully and I always ask some of my colleagues to tell me, if I don’t have something in beard.

      2. no, not like my hair. I know that beard shoudn’t be washed too much, so I was it with beard soap once a week and every day in shower just with water.

      And yeah, it get greasy.

      3. nope, no rituals.

      4. no way. It will never happen.

      5. nope.

      6. it never happend to me.

      7. I do not swim.

      8. yeah, a little bit 🙂

      9. nope.

      10. definitly yes! I never let other people lit me a cigarette and I never use my Zippo outdoors where a weak breeze can strech fire dangerously near my beard. It happend already once and I never want it to happen again.

    2. 1. Sometimes crumbles of food and occasionally sauce and using a napkin to remove it looks perfectly like a normal protocol to me.
      2. daily hairshampoo for my moustache (smoker) so my beard gets some of it too. Exists shampoo for beards/staches?
      3. no way
      4. no, i did NOT, ever!
      5. never
      6. They wouldn’t dare to ask me!
      7 I could but don’t and consider sewater healthy.
      8 not at all, i keep it natural.
      9 On the contrary, people love to feel my soft grey beard when we kiss and it smells nice: Grey Flannel.
      10 No problem whatsoever with smoking.

    3. 1. Yes, morsels of food in your beard is unavoidable if you ask me. The use of a napkin or handkerchief to remove it is a normal protocol for getting it out. Going on the hunt to dig food out of your beard in public is my equivalent to picking your nose
      2. I wash my beard on a daily basis (water only). Shampoo/Condition it with beard grooming products twice a week. Common practice says I shouldn’t but this works for me.
      3. No rituals
      4. Neither of the 2 but I am guilty of bunching it up into a point (great goat).
      5. No itch, no rash.
      6. LOL only a fool would ask or justify.
      7. No issues while swimming.
      8. Not at all.
      9. That has yet to happen.
      10. Not a smoker but I don’t think any of the products I use would create a concern around a flame.

    4. 1. All the time! It’s not usually too awkward as friends will usually point out a stray crumb or some bit just hanging out. After eating, I usually excuse myself and just give my beard a quick once over in a mirror.

      2. I wash my beard every other day with a product made specifically for beard grooming. Per chance, let’s say I’ve eaten something rather messy, I’ll have an extra wash (FYI: egg yolk is tough to get out without a full wash down). I’ve never had a greasy beard even with using beard oil.

      3. I don’t have rituals but I do have a routine. I always comb my beard after a shower and at least twice a day to keep it looking its best.

      4. No lie….not at all.

      5. My beard has never been itchy but obviously when it was first starting to grow it was.

      6. At least a dozen times a day. People feel the need to tell you exactly how they feel about facial hair. And with the recent “news” about dirty beards they feel an even stronger urge to tell you. I pay them no mind. My beard is fantastic and I don’t need their approval to look this good.

      7. I am not a big swimmer but sometimes will poke me in the face if I’m trying to lay on my side while sleeping.

      8. No, I have a little bit of grey in my beard and I am quite fond of it.

      9. No one has kissed me since I’ve had a beard! But if a guy had an issue with it–I’d keep the beard and ditch him.

      10. No hazard here. I’m pretty fireproof.

    5. 1. Sometimes a few crumbs in the ‘tache. I completely avoid stuff like floury rolls that’ll make a complete mess. Slyly pretend I’m doing something on my phone when in fact I’m using the front camera to check for crumbs!

      2. I wash it with water every day in the shower, and use a shampoo bar from the Brighton Beard Company 3-4 times a week. It doesn’t get greasy thankfully.

      3. I always brush it down, up, then down again after towel drying it after a show.

      4. It’s too curly for any of that!

      5. Never had an itchy beard or beard rash.

      6. Never.

      7. Haven’t been swimming in ages. Do you get those waterproof caps for beards?

      8. No, it looks ridiculous.

      9. Never, it’s actually surprisingly popular.

      10. Have to be a bit careful when lighting cigars.

    6. 1. A few times I got ketchup in my beard, friends told me 😉
      2. Im bald, so I dont wash my hair but I wash my beard everyday with anti dandruft shampoo
      3. No real rituals but I use beard oil daily, anf then I comb my beard
      4. Never
      5. My beard never itched because my beard hairs grow straight
      6. Never
      7. No, its not that long
      8. I envy guys who style their moustache with wax slightly…
      9. Never, but once I had to convince a guy who had never kissed a bearded man with little kisses, I succeeded 🙂
      10. My beard is fire proof, I know because sometimes I smoke a cigar, never a problem!

    7. 1. Ice cream and cereal are the worst offenders of wanting to make a home in my beard.
      2.Once a week with Dr. Bronners soap and rinse every morning in the shower.
      3.No…just combing a lot with my Kent comb.
      4. No
      5. No
      6.Never in public…always to my sister-in-law LOL
      7. No
      10. Not a smoker, live with a non smoker…not worried about a flaming face 🙂


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