BluMaan Review. Hair Care & Styling Products

    Having a bad hair day? Have no worries, we got you covered, with the help of our friends from BluMaan with their amazing hair-styling and care products. BluMaan was created by friends Joe and Ben, as a way of dealing with the lack of good products designed specifically for men’s hair styling. Blumaan offers 5 amazing hair products that are bound to be suitable to your needs as well.

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    Original Styling Meraki – Pre and Post Styler

    Many of you may have the question ‘What is meraki?’ well, it basically means, to put a bit of your soul in your work. What we learned from using this products is that it’s a perfect base for any hair style, gives your hair volume and if you use it in your post styling it’s gonna give you all the firmness your hair style needs. Their hair care products have received very good praise from Product Expert. BluMann overdid themselves in every one of their products, and that just shows how much they love the process of making it.

    Blumaan Original Styling Meraki
    Original Styling Meraki

    Cavalier – Heavy Clay

    Messy hair, don’t care? Well, this product is just right for you. It’s perfect for wavy, thick and hard to control hair, it’s re-styleable after you apply it and gives you the messy, low-effort look. If you’re looking for a natural matte finish look, this product’s just right for you.

    Blumaan Cavalier - Heavy Clay
    Blumaan Cavalier – Heavy Clay

    Hybrid – Cream Clay

    Don’t go cray cray, because this clay’s Delayed Hold Activation, means you will be able to style your hair with ease, with a reliable and natural looking hair style. If you’re looking for a good and thick hold in your hair style, this is the product you should be relying on an everyday basis.

    Blumaan Hybrid - Cream Clay
    Blumaan Hybrid – Cream Clay

    Monarch – Matte Paste

    If volume is your thing and you need a product that is easy to apply, this is the swag for you. It’s hold may wary on how much you use, but what’s guaranteed is a lightweight feel and amazing texture. If an Elvis inspired quiff is your look, then go for it.

    Fifth Sample – Styling Mask Pomade

    Now this one was long awaited, three whole years to bring you the quality standard you SHOULD be accustomed to. It features a high-strength hold, contrasted by a low-shine look and is tied up nicely with a super healthy formula that is as good for your hair, as it is easy to wash out. A perfect hairdo must!

    Blumaan Fifth Sample - Styling Mask Pomade
    Blumaan Fifth Sample – Styling Mask Pomade

    Be sure to visit Blumaan today and received 10% off your order with our exclusive code ‘thebeardmag10’


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