Traditional Shaving Products and Kits Guide

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to gift a traditional shaving kit to somebody you adore or would like to use it on your own, a perfect shaving kit will make an excellent purchase. At present, you’ll come across lots of breathtaking and affordable shaving kits out there which will provide you with complete peace of mind.

    However, there are so many products on the market that you need to make a sensible choice while purchasing these kits and products. Below, we will guide you through some astounding traditional shaving kits and products available at present on the market.

    1. Shaving brush

    In case you havn’t used this product in the past, keep in mind that a brush will make a significant difference when it comes to shaving. You need to keep several things in mind while purchasing a top-quality shaving brush.

    shaving brush in barbers
    A well looked after Badger Brush can last 10 to 15 years

    First, you must put emphasis on the fiber type. At present, the most well-known fiber present in the shaving brush happens to be the badger hair which is available in several grades such as pure, best, super, and silvertip.

    However, it will be sensible to be meticulous of the lesser known shaving brush companies who attempt to market badger hair of inferior quality. Do not be afraid to invest additional cash in case you’d like to go for a genuine silvertip brush.

    2. Razor stand

    Besides the shaving brush, another product you should look out for will be the razor stand. In case you shave daily or on alternative days, your razor will not accumulate any filthy bacteria or mold along the edges of the blades by using a razor stand.

    Same is true for your shaving brush too. A stand will help your razor and brush to hang properly to get rid of the moisture much faster. Metallic stands will be more preferable as compared to other types of stands available at present, including chrome or stainless steel. This is because metallic stands are less vulnerable to rust.

    3. Shaving Cream

    shaving cream next to razor
    Coconut oil is also a replacement for shaving cream

    Shaving cream happens to be another essential product which you ought to consider along with a shaving brush. A quality shaving cream will ensure that you have a perfect shave every morning before going to the office. While purchasing a shaving cream make sure it does not consist harmful chemical substances.

    For this, make it a point to purchase it from a reliable retail outlet in your locality where you will not be cheated. If you like to get some more idea regarding traditional shaving kits and products read more about shaving here.

    4. Aftershave

    A perfect shave will be incomplete without a premium quality aftershave. Most of the aftershave lotions available at present consist of some type of alcohol. However, besides being fantastic antiseptic, alcohol can also prove to be harmful to our epidermis.

    Don’t forget to apply aftershave balms which will counteract the harmful effects of an aftershave. Balms do not consist of alcohol and will help to make sure that your skin remains moist throughout the day.

    5. The Razor

    In case you are new to the world of shaving, opt for a shaving kit that comes with a cartridge razor. This will make it easy for you to shave and also it is likewise affordable too. Apart from the cartridge razor, you’ll also come across 2 other types, a safety razor and also a straight razor.

    barber trimming back of mans neck
    A straight razor provides a closer shave but be careful when trying this yourself

    These razors will provide you with an impeccable shave that will enhance your confidence throughout the day. In fact, the disposable blades available in the safety razors are more inexpensive as compared to the cartridge razors out there. Be sure to check out our article on the best beard trimmer on Amazon for more recommendations,

    Besides these 5 above-mentioned shaving products and kits, you’ll come across several more that will help to make your shaving experience a pleasurable one. However, always opt for branded products since they will not cause any irritation to your skin whatsoever. Do not always go for cheaper items since you might be required to compromise on quality in that case.


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